End of Semester

My Topic

My topic is sleep deprivation in teenagers. I spoke on what is sleep deprivation, what are the effects, and how to solve it.

My Essays

My first essay was a definition essay. I defined sleep deprivation and spoke on the overwhelming amount of teens who are sleep deprived. I also spoke on the reasons why teenagers were so sleep deprived. I decided to write about this topic because not many people are informed about the importance of sleep. What also inspired me to write on this topic is just last year I was a senior in high school who like most others, was extremely sleep deprived and completely oblivious to the dangers I was putting my self in. For my second essay I talked about the negative effects that come with sleep deprivation. My essay was a causal essay. I named the negative effects that lack of sleep can have on a teenager. Physical and mental health, along with academic performance were my three main points. I did a lot of research for this essay and used several statistics to get my point across. My third essay was a proposal. I proposed a solution to end sleep deprivation. My idea was to delay school starting times to later in the day. This essay I definitely had the most trouble on.

My Research Methods

Fortunately, the first website I clicked on gave me almost everything I needed to know about sleep deprivation. I relied heavily on research for my three essays. National Sleep Foundation was where I found most of my research. I found all oF my research before I started to write my essay. I felt as if I was informed and was educated on the subject it would be much easier for me to write. I felt that me doing research before writing allowed me to put my own personal spin on the essays. Some of my research was not data or studies, but it was high schoolers, teachers who all have faced/seen sleep deprivation first hand everyday speaking on the topic.


Sleep for Teenagers – National Sleep Foundation

Sleep Deprivation in Teens | Sleep Problems | Child Mind Institute

Young and sleep deprived – American Psychological Association

Final Details

Writing this essays definitely changed my life. I never realized that sleep affected me so much. My first semester here I was only getting 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night. After realizing how unhealthy that was, I make sure I get the necessary 8 hours a night. Sometimes I wish I had not researched this topic, as no matter what I have to get my 8 hours knowing what could happen if i don’t. I hope that one day everyone will be knowledgeable on the effects of sleep deprivation, and high schools around the country will compensate so teenagers can get the necessary 8 hours.




Social Media Visual Assignment



I decided to draw this picture of my topic because I believe it is a powerful way to get my statement across. The girl in the picture, occupied on her phone doesn’t know that the internet is “locking” her up from the rest of the World. She is so consumed with what is on her screen that she’s missing out on important generational opportunities. These include friendship, face to face interaction, love, success and general beauty of the real world.