First Blog Post: Research Proposal

My topic i will be discussing during my Comp II class is going to be about the progression of the National Football League, through the good and bad images that it promotes on itself. The NFL seems to have its good and bad moments when it comes to the publicity that it receives. One day you could be reading about how one player is making a difference for underprivileged youth, while others are being arrested for drug possessions, violent acts towards others, and showboating on and off the field. The NFL in my eyes is a lot different from its roots and it has changed for the better and for the worse in specified areas.

The reason that i am so interested in this topic is because football has always been a big part of my life since i was introduced to the sport at the early age of 7. When i was younger, I would always remember waking up on Sundays waking up to the pure exciment of watching my team play and hopefully writing a tally in the “W” column. Football to me is something i look forward to watching and i know many can agree with me. Exploring both sides of┬áthe cherished organization will most definitely┬ábe something that will interest me throughout the research process.