Visual Argument: Esport Validity

College Comp II Visual Argument

This picture demonstrates how dedicated sports fans look down upon and question esports.  The picture chosen was that of bullying, I then replaced all of the children’s heads with ‘real sports’ to show how they look down upon the one child that is an esports fan.  The number of children shows how traditional sports highly outnumber esports fans. The sports fans are excluding the esports fan from the group. “Stop trying already, esports will never be a real sport like our sports are.”  This is to show how some are extremely adamant when it comes to esports and are firm believers that it should never be a ‘real sport’. Overall, esports just need more time to build up in popularity and slowly form into a sport everyone will respect in the future.

Professional gaming should be considered a sport

While I have played sports throughout my youth and high school alike, my favorite events to watch are video game related.  While I myself do not play games professional, I play games at a level at where I can respect those that play professionally, I realize just how much time and effort is put into not only knowledge of the game, but adaptation of the skills required to triumph.

With choosing this topic, I understand that many people will not understand the ideas of both professional gaming and watching someone play a video game.  Just like any other sport, people enjoy to watch video games or esports.  Fans are able to watch people play the same game they do, but at a professional level.  This not only enables learning, but also has an entertainment aspect. Some of the esports events are able to draw in thousands of fans in enormous arenas.

League of Legends esport event from 2016

To watch both casual and professional players play games and to learn more about how these players can make a living, check out Twitch ( you can watch people play both competitive and fun games as well as chat along side thousands of other viewers.  I watch twitch ever so often if I have some spare time.  This platform is the reason many of these pro players are able to make a living from simply playing video games.

Overall, if you wish to learn more about esports or maybe even some history about esports I recommend you read, “Recognizing ESports as a Sport” by Daniel Kane.  Kane mainly discusses how the NCAA could benefit from esports and that they should recognize the Sport.  If you are interested in this topic then stay tuned, I will be continuing to add to this topic in the upcoming months.


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First Blog Post: Research Proposal

My topic i will be discussing during my Comp II class is going to be about the progression of the National Football League, through the good and bad images that it promotes on itself. The NFL seems to have its good and bad moments when it comes to the publicity that it receives. One day you could be reading about how one player is making a difference for underprivileged youth, while others are being arrested for drug possessions, violent acts towards others, and showboating on and off the field. The NFL in my eyes is a lot different from its roots and it has changed for the better and for the worse in specified areas.

The reason that i am so interested in this topic is because football has always been a big part of my life since i was introduced to the sport at the early age of 7. When i was younger, I would always remember waking up on Sundays waking up to the pure exciment of watching my team play and hopefully writing a tally in the “W” column. Football to me is something i look forward to watching and i know many can agree with me. Exploring both sides of the cherished organization will most definitely be something that will interest me throughout the research process.