Animal Cruelty Annotated Bib

“Animal Cruelty Facts and Statistics.” The Humane Society of the United States. The
Humane  Society of the United States, 31 Aug. 2015. Web. 08 Mar. 2016.
The article Animal Cruelty Facts and Statistics is about who abuses animals, how often animal abuse is done, who most of the cruelty is done against and possible links between animal cruelty and domestic abuse. The purpose of this article was to inform readers about where animal cruelty occurs and why it may occur. It also discusses specific states within the United States that have adopted laws that make animal cruelty a felony. When researching animal cruelty I think that this source is a good one to look at because it provides causes, effects, and punishments of animal cruelty. I believe that this source is very useful and reliable when being used to talk about either animal or domestic abuse. I used this source and will continue to use this source to discuss why people tend to abuse animals. I will also use this article to discuss laws that are being put into place that prohibit the abuse of animals. I feel that this article will shape my essays and research and provide a good amount of information about animal cruelty.
“Species List.” World Wildlife Fund, n.d. Web. 08 Mar. 2016.
The World Wildlife Fund’s website’s page Species Directory provides a list of all of the animals that are considered endangered throughout the world today. The page is composed of three columns: Common Name, Scientific Name, and Conservation Status. The common name column lists the animals known names, the names that they are called on a daily basis. The conservation status column specifies whether the animal is, least concern, near threatened, vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered. The purpose of showing the conservation status is to let everyone know which animals are in danger of extinction. It is also a way of knowing which animals are protected against hunting and poaching. This source is useful when researching extinction, endangerment, or poaching/hunting. I believe that this page can be extremely useful when it comes to giving examples of endangered animals and this is how I used this page in my first essay. I consider this source reliable because the World Wildlife Fund is a world-wide well known organization that is built around protecting these animals and informing people about how they can protect these animals. This article was helpful to me by providing specific animals/species that I could use as examples of animals that are becoming endangered due to some poaching/hunting. It also provided me with animals that I would like to look into and expand upon in the future.
Composing an annotated bibliography is something that the importance can vary from writer to writer. To me I feel that it is more important when writing larger and more concentrated papers. When writing more concentrated papers, an annotated bibliography allows an individual to arrange all of their sources and clearly see how they used each source or will use each source. I also feel that the annotated bib is helpful because you can write it before or after writing a paper. In a way, it can be written as a way to pre-write or review a paper. I feel it is more helpful and that it does not tend to hinder an individuals research process but I can see that it is possible that someone could become overwhelmed when trying to write an annotated bibliography and that is could cause more problems than solutions.

Reflective Blog Post

What I liked about writing the first essay was that I felt more than prepared to write about my topic based on all the time we spent researching and prewriting. What I liked about writing my first essay was that I was able to choose the topic and argue for my side. A challenge that I ran into while writing was finding a view against my opinion. College tuition is generally an agreed upon subject, most people think it is too high. I found it challenging to find opposing viewpoints and incorporate them into my writing. I also found it difficult to find sources that were focused on ways to reduce college tuition and how the general public should go about doing it. For my next paper I will focus more on outside views that propose solutions for lowering tuition to strengthen my writing.