Comparison of Articles on Abortion

I have read many articles while looking for research for my first paper on abortion. One article I read was 10 Reasons why Abortion is Evil and Not a Pro-Choice by TFP Student Action (Link1). In this article the authors explains the reasons why they believe abortion is wrong and why we should be pro-life. The article is not written in paragraph form. They have an introduction then use numbers to list their reasons abortion is wrong. Some of the reasons they give are abortion goes against god, life starts at the moment of conception and it is unsafe.

Another article I read was I am Pro-Abortion, not just Pro-Choice: 10 reasons why we must support the procedure and the choice by Valerie Tarico(Link2) In this article the author explains how she is not only pro-abortion, she supports the procedure and the decision women make. She also has an introduction then uses numbers to list her points. She explains how she is pro abortion just as she is pro-knee replacement and pro-chemotherapy. Some of her points to feeling this way are supporting abortion is female empowerment and equality, well-timed pregnancies give children a healthier start in life and reproduction is a highly imperfect process.

Both of these articles are similar in how they are written. Both have an introduction they are written using numbers to list of their points. Both articles also are written seriously and are intended for people of the opposite side to read. While they are similar in many ways, the articles differ in content. They come from opposing sides but their reasoning for their position are very different. These articles have given me good research on my article. I can now use their points and search up on them. I know where I stand with abortion and I knew my position before research.

End of Semester Recap

My Topic:

My topic is the influence of the media on society.

My Essays: 

My first essay was my definition essay. In this paper I showed that there was a problem with the media having too much power over how we as a people view incidents that occur and the information we are given about them. My next essay was the proposal essay, which was by far my favorite essay. In this essay I discussed that the government needs to regulate the media industry by creating laws that keep them from invading the personal lives of celebrities as well as withholding information about an event that they have reported on. They also need to have all of the correct information before they report on the issue. My third and final essay was a narrative essay about the riots that occurred in NY after the verdict on the Ferguson trial. I wrote about how my cousin, who is an NYC police officer, was beaten by rioters and hospitalized as a result. I also wrote about how my future career will have me in the limelight of the media and how it is unfair that they take away the privacy of celebrities just so they can make money.

My Research Methods:

A lot of my research was finding news articles on certain events and looking through celebrity tweets and seeing how many followers they had. There wasn’t much historical information that i needed to find in order to write my papers so i didn’t spend much time looking for that type of info. I used sites like CNN, or NBC News to find my articles. I also used magazine articles that depicted celebrity scandals which lead to a downfall in their respective careers. I used magazines such as People and OK! as well as TMZ.


Some of my sources were: – for the aftermath of the Ferguson trial – Also for the Ferguson trial – For the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Final Details/Observation:

My perspective on my topic has not changed. I still feel that the media has too  much control over the people. I did learn that the media has a lot more influence than i originally though, which makes it even more awful to see that one industry can have so much control. It is morally wrong to allow media outlets to continue doing what they do. In the future I hope to see that the media gets some sort of backlash and as a result becomes regulated.

Reflective Blog Post

It was a lot harder than I expected to write my first essay. There isn’t a lot of hard factual research for my topic because it a mostly opinion based subject. This paper was easier than I expect the rest to be mainly because I just had to define what I was researching, but in the future I foresee issues with finding research to back up my stand on the topic.  I am most nervous about finding fifteen sources to complete my annotated bibliography because there isn’t a lot of information out there.

I think in the future I have to work harder on my research in order to be more successful with my topic. I have to  sift through the websites and journals to find articles that help me further understand my topic rather than ones that give opinions on how the media should change the way it reports stories.

You’re Too Young To Be Playing This Game

So my topic is video games and their influence on todays young people. Video games are a big part of todays youth culture. Everyone plays video games whether it be a mobile phone app or a dedicated console game. There is a rating system to help aid parents in deciding what is appropriate for their kids, but it seems that most parents ignore it. I think the reason is that they aren’t aware of how the system works. We need to increase awareness to better educate the parents, because it is ultimately up to them to guide their kids.Kids growing up playing adult themed games end up thinking and acting inappropriately. Most kids today curse. Little kids who arent even in their teens are speaking profanity. Part of the reason they do so is because they grew up in a world filled with cussing. Here is an article by William Usher. Most small children have or will play video games that are filled with violence and language. Parents need to monitor their children better.