First Post: The Influence of the Media

My topic is how the Media influences society. The media is a powerful industry in todays society. The media pretty much controls how people react to big news that happens in the world. If an event is reported on with a negative connotation then society will think negatively of the event or vice versa. When one industry has this much control it becomes extremely dangerous.

Instead of reporting on an event with an opinion behind it, the media should be objective and unbiased. They should be responsible for giving facts instead of opinions. Let the public decide how to react on their own. This simple change in the media will remove most of their power over society.

Post 1: Research Proposal: Americanization

The topic that I am planning to write about is the Americanization of international (or non-white “typical American” apple pie and hot dogs) people. This is an issue because people all around the world, are trying to become more like Americans and lose their culture and heritage. I think that this topic is important because it is a real social issue, but not many people realize that it is happening. You can compare what is happening in other countries and in even our own to how the Native Americans were wiped out. Most of their heritage and beliefs were lost when the white men came along to try to “turn them white”. These people are changing their appearance and lifestyle because they have been taught that looking and acting like a “typical white American” is what is desired. These people believe that if they bleach their hair and change their skin tone, they will be acceptable and desirable. If this issue isn’t brought into light, the entire world would turn into cookie cutter “Americans”. Individuality and the strengthening and remembering of cultures needs to be stressed in order for this extermination of cultures to be stopped.