Essay Topic

My topic for the essay is abortion. Abortion is something that is becoming more talked about and the debate is pro-life or pro-choice? Most people who voice their opinion about this topic don’t really have reasoning behind their choice. They don’t have much knowledge on the subject. I choose this topic because i feel strongly about it and i think everyone should have a good understanding of both sides to the matter before choosing.

People believe that abortions should be illegal. Back in the 1880’s they were in fact illegal. But that only caused women to go and have back alley abortions, which is getting an abortion done illegally by an illegal practitioner. Now a days, it is a women’s choice if she wants to have a abortion or not. But that does not stop men and other women who are pro-life from voicing their opinions. I am pro-choice and in my essays i will explain my reasoning for making that decision. But i will also explain the reasoning people are pro-life. I will go into detail and hopefully help people have a better understanding as to what really is abortion and help them learn more on the subject.

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