Instant Replay Synthesis

In the article “MLB Completely Misusing Instant Replay” by Phil Mushnick, Mushnick poses question “do you want to watch baseball like this for the rest of your lives” This way being with instant replay. The article mainly talks about how minimal use of instant replay is good like when the play is clearly blown. For instances like “neighborhood play” when the shortstop appears to touch the bag but misses slightly, it is unnecessary. The article “Major League Baseball is Making an Error With Instant Replay” by Seth Swirsky, discusses reasons for why replay kills the sport such as:

Lou Piniella,  Mark Wegner

  • “Baseballs a game of inches”
  • “Controversy makes the sport”
  • “Technology shouldn’t be taking over the sport”
  • “Part of the fun is seeing Arguments”
  • “There is no need to make sure every call is 100% right”

The topic in which I chose to discuss is how Instant Replay in baseball. This is a huge problem in my opinion is the sport of baseball. If you look at statistics baseball has lost a substantial amount of viewers. If Major League Baseball takes the opinions of these writers into consideration then the proper changes could be made to fix the problem. If they minimize the the use of instant replay and bring back the option to argue the call and not necessarily overturn it then baseball might be able to gain its viewers back.june-2-2010-armando-galarraga-the-imperfect-game

Use of Replay in Baseball

The topic that I chose to work with and research is the use of replay in being brought to baseball. The reason that I picked this for a topic is because it actually interests me. Ive played baseball growing up every year up until now, and I, along with my brother and dad are huge fans of the sport. That being said, the sport itself is losing popularity and people say that “its just to slow to watch” or  “these games take forever to be played”. In recent years replay has been added to review home runs, catches,and plays on the bases. This takes a whole dimension of the game out, that dimension being leaving the calls up to the umpires. This isn’t football. Don’t get me wrong they need to be better with the calls they make, but its what makes the game interesting. There really have only been a small handful of calls made that were really really bad, most of the calls that could go either way are impossible to tell by the untrained eye weather or not they should go one way or another. This past year the world series had the lowest views in the history of baseball, if that doesn’t say something then I don’t know what will.