1 Part Chivalry, 1 Part Toxic Masculinity

In Society, men are taught to be chivalrous. They are taught that they are to be the “bread-winners” within a relationship, earning more than their female partner. They are taught that they are supposed to do anything and everything for their female partner, for they are thought to be weak and fragile. This view of women lessens the value of women. It puts women in a submissive position, and men in the dominant position. This negates the possibilities of women every accomplishing anything more than a house wife.

Men are also taught that they are supposed to fit a certain image. Men are taught that they are supposed to be fit, masculine, and muscular. Being a man means never sharing their feelings; hardening their hearts. Men are taught that repressing emotion will make them more efficient. However, this ideal image of what a real man is can have negative effects on men as a whole. Men are held to ridiculous standards of appearance. This can lead to self loathing and suicidal thought processes. Not expressing emotion also compounds the problem. In 2013, male suicide rate was 20.2% while female suicide was at 5.5% (Suicide Rates).

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