You’re Too Young To Be Playing This Game

So my topic is video games and their influence on todays young people. Video games are a big part of todays youth culture. Everyone plays video games whether it be a mobile phone app or a dedicated console game. There is a rating system to help aid parents in deciding what is appropriate for their kids, but it seems that most parents ignore it. I think the reason is that they aren’t aware of how the system works. We need to increase awareness to better educate the parents, because it is ultimately up to them to guide their kids.Kids growing up playing adult themed games end up thinking and acting inappropriately. Most kids today curse. Little kids who arent even in their teens are speaking profanity. Part of the reason they do so is because they grew up in a world filled with cussing. Here is an article by William Usher. Most small children have or will play video games that are filled with violence and language. Parents need to monitor their children better.