College Tuition: Synthesis Blog Post

One of my sources that I plan on using in my research is an article called Tuition: College Tuition; The Shattering Explosion, found on proquest. The article explains how American colleges are commended for their accountability and quality of education, but they must be made more affordable. The article notes many politicians have taken notice of the issue and pledge to put a halt to the constantly increasing costs. The obstacle these politicians are facing is how to keep the costs in line and prevent a constant rise in tuition. I bel22856641_SAieve this is a great article to include in my paper because it clearly explains what is trying to be done to resolve the issue. But the question left is, how can politicians control the tuition and can they gain enough support to pass legislature?

The second source that I found will have a specific role in my research assignment. The article I found on proquest called College Tuition: [Sports Final, C Edition] will serve as an explanation to why tuition seems to be increasing over the years. This article will give me enough information to support my argument against rising tuition costs. The article describes the decrease in education funding and where the missing funds are being compensated from.


First Post

My topic is analyzing the connections of children/teen violence to the amount of graphic video games or TV shows they view. violent video games and TV programs are always the firs to blame when abnormal behavior or actions are being demonstrated by the child the idea that kids will mirror any actions they see is an idea thats been around since the beginning of television. I also hope to research the ratings of games and how offend they are taken into consideration before the child is allowed to use the product. I first became interested in this topic when reviewing the link to