How Social Media Affects Bullying

My topic discusses how social media is an aid to bullying and how it influences teenagers and younger generations. This has become more of a problem recently in the twenty-first century because people have been introduced to multiple social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Users are able to created public profiles about themselves that share what should be private information, this usually involves the person posting multiple pictures of themselves or a person can create private or fake profile. Some teenagers will use their personal social media site to bully others by messaging them or posting malicious things on their page for all to see. People who create private pages attack someone they dislike but do it in a way that the victim is unaware who they are. Social media allows people to gang up on each other and also allows for people to go after one another with out face to face interaction. Teens use social media as a way to bully with words, but what happens when kids that it too far?

I am writing about this topic because it is a current event in today’s society. Bullying has recently been a topic on the news because girls and boys have been bullied through social media to the point where they refuse to go to school or even extreme cases of suicide. With that said, communities needs to get the victims and the doers to understand the impact of social media and how it can negatively effect them if not used for its original purpose. My job is to further explain to people that there is consequences of to what you write online and it never goes away. An article I found helps further educate people on how elementary school children deal with bullying in their young lives. I have also found another article that tells how bullying is different with boys and with girls. The information from these two articles are beneficial in discovering more about the effects of cyberbullying.







MLB Salary Cap

My topic is salary caps in professional sports, but focusing more on baseball. Baseball is the only one of the four major sports (basketball, football, hockey, baseball) that does not implement a salary cap. Instead of a salary cap, Major League Baseball (MLB) implements a luxury tax. This tax only applies to teams that have a payroll of over 189 million dollars, and the tax rate is 17.5% for the first offense. Each consecutive offense results in a higher tax rate and after four consecutive offenses, the tax rate goes up to 50%. The main difference between a luxury tax and a salary cap is their degree of restriction. Simply, a salary cap does not allow a payroll to exceed its limit, while a luxury tax does.

It is usually the Yankees and the Dodgers who have the highest payrolls.


A main problem with this is that the luxury tax has not increased with the overall revenue of the sport. This is not stopping big market teams from ruling free agency because those teams still have more money to spend despite having to pay this tax. This year, the Dodgers will set an MLB record of 43.6 million dollars in luxury tax, but for the dodgers, that amount of money is not going to force them to decrease their payroll. The Yankees had the second highest luxury tax last season at 26.1 million dollars. But after these two teams there is a huge cap, the Red Sox had the third highest luxury tax at 1.8 million dollars. The Yankees and Dodgers are always in contention because of their deep pockets and it makes it more difficult for smaller market teams to be successful.

PED’s in Sports and Competitions

My topic is about the use of drugs in ways that are not naturalized and used to gain unfair advantages.  The range of drugs and ways the drugs can be used to gain unfair advantages are countless.  Originally for healing the wounded, like steroids reducing swelling, people quickly learned the benefits for more than just healing.  In body building, the competition that holds the biggest, baddest, and most defined guys is Mr. Olympia.  In this competition many of the men, if not all, have done anabolic steroids or growth hormones.  In most cases the contestants only used them towards the end of their training and closer to competition, but still they used them.  One of the most famous title holders was Arnold Schwarzenegger, he never heard of PEDs before he came to America, and even still only used them for refinement.  There are multiple ways they can be used and I agree that they are beneficial to the hurt and injured but in the wrong ways they can lead to serious injury, pain, and unfair advantages.

The love of the game or competition should be dedication enough to make the athletes work harder for what they want.  The athletes who cheat, ruin the spirit of the game and give kids a false sense of guidance and what is naturally achievable.  Children often have dreams and aspirations of what athlete or person they look up to but often do not fully understand their background.  For example, if a parent likes the Mets, the child often likes the Mets, if a parent likes the Patriots, the child will most likely like the Patriots.  When we look up to a sports legend or a role model, we see what they look like and their fame, not what they hide such as drug use or poor decisions.  If you take a look at big body builders and dream about becoming built, you see that you can be influenced into working out.  Everyone sees the end goal but no one wants to take the journey there, they do not see the countless amount of hours, day after day, year after year that it took to even start seeing results.  So they look for a cheat; a solution is introduced, get bigger in half the time, steroids or HGH they will get you bigger faster, but no one sees the downside.  The only person you are cheating and selling short is yourself, the painful consequences and suffering is not worth being abnormally

First Blog Post: Research Proposal

My topic i will be discussing during my Comp II class is going to be about the progression of the National Football League, through the good and bad images that it promotes on itself. The NFL seems to have its good and bad moments when it comes to the publicity that it receives. One day you could be reading about how one player is making a difference for underprivileged youth, while others are being arrested for drug possessions, violent acts towards others, and showboating on and off the field. The NFL in my eyes is a lot different from its roots and it has changed for the better and for the worse in specified areas.

The reason that i am so interested in this topic is because football has always been a big part of my life since i was introduced to the sport at the early age of 7. When i was younger, I would always remember waking up on Sundays waking up to the pure exciment of watching my team play and hopefully writing a tally in the “W” column. Football to me is something i look forward to watching and i know many can agree with me. Exploring both sides of the cherished organization will most definitely be something that will interest me throughout the research process.