Comparison of Articles on Abortion

I have read many articles while looking for research for my first paper on abortion. One article I read was 10 Reasons why Abortion is Evil and Not a Pro-Choice by TFP Student Action (Link1). In this article the authors explains the reasons why they believe abortion is wrong and why we should be pro-life. The article is not written in paragraph form. They have an introduction then use numbers to list their reasons abortion is wrong. Some of the reasons they give are abortion goes against god, life starts at the moment of conception and it is unsafe.

Another article I read was I am Pro-Abortion, not just Pro-Choice: 10 reasons why we must support the procedure and the choice by Valerie Tarico(Link2) In this article the author explains how she is not only pro-abortion, she supports the procedure and the decision women make. She also has an introduction then uses numbers to list her points. She explains how she is pro abortion just as she is pro-knee replacement and pro-chemotherapy. Some of her points to feeling this way are supporting abortion is female empowerment and equality, well-timed pregnancies give children a healthier start in life and reproduction is a highly imperfect process.

Both of these articles are similar in how they are written. Both have an introduction they are written using numbers to list of their points. Both articles also are written seriously and are intended for people of the opposite side to read. While they are similar in many ways, the articles differ in content. They come from opposing sides but their reasoning for their position are very different. These articles have given me good research on my article. I can now use their points and search up on them. I know where I stand with abortion and I knew my position before research.

Essay Topic

My topic for the essay is abortion. Abortion is something that is becoming more talked about and the debate is pro-life or pro-choice? Most people who voice their opinion about this topic don’t really have reasoning behind their choice. They don’t have much knowledge on the subject. I choose this topic because i feel strongly about it and i think everyone should have a good understanding of both sides to the matter before choosing.

People believe that abortions should be illegal. Back in the 1880’s they were in fact illegal. But that only caused women to go and have back alley abortions, which is getting an abortion done illegally by an illegal practitioner. Now a days, it is a women’s choice if she wants to have a abortion or not. But that does not stop men and other women who are pro-life from voicing their opinions. I am pro-choice and in my essays i will explain my reasoning for making that decision. But i will also explain the reasoning people are pro-life. I will go into detail and hopefully help people have a better understanding as to what really is abortion and help them learn more on the subject.

Link 1

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College Education Synthesis

I had gone through several articles before finding few that I felt fit best with my paper. The first article is titled “Daily Advocate – Higher Education and the Public Good”. This article is written by Dr. Karen Rafinski and her opinion of college education and many observations that she has concluded about it as well. She feels that university’s are too focused on the business of college – the “enrollment numbers, graduation rates, increasing production and cutting expenses.” This is in fact true, where in many instances people may experience classes that are easier because the university has strategically required that class in order to have a better chance of graduation. Not only that, but most University’s have certain race quotas they must meet to seem “competitive” to other schools. I do believe her opinion to be true based on the previous statements, that university’s should be more focused on the individual rather than just taking money from them. (

The second article I had come across was found in the library database, and is named “What Shapes Assessment of Ability to Pay for Children’s College Education?” The title of the article describes it all, that attending a University will cost a small fortune and that most families aren’t entirely sure where to come up with the money. I can tell you personally that the first semester I ignorantly borrowed money from a student loans organization without really thinking about how much I will have to pay them and the expense it will currently have on my parents. This article describes ways you can become less ignorant of how to acquire money and many cheaper alternatives than relying on student loan organizations.(

University’s are making tons of money off of students each year who will leave college with debt and potentially no immediate career. This is not fair considering you are convinced your whole life that if you go to college with you be well off when its quite the contrary. In my papers I intend on seeking alternatives of how to pay for college or maybe even alternatives than receiving a degree at all. University’s are the most devious of all “big businesses”.

What You’re In For With a College Education

I had began to look around for articles about college education, and this one is the first I had come across. ( This article briefly discusses the “benefits” of a college education, stating only that you have more of an “opportunity” to get a job and that you are able to stimulate your brain from the amount of books you will be required to read. It then goes on to speak of how you can fund an education, but it reframes from speaking of the high interest rates you will more likely than not have to pay back from student loans. This is a very one sided article and it reminds me of the illusion I lived in during high school that I would leave college with a 6 figure salary and zero debt. Upon graduating I had become aware of the debt I will be forced to live with after my college years, but I still have yet to begin to pay the loans myself, so I am very much in the dark for the road I will have to take. I will continue to find information that will speak upon pros and cons of a college degree and the financial standpoint a person will more likely than not be forced to live with upon graduation.

You’re Too Young To Be Playing This Game

So my topic is video games and their influence on todays young people. Video games are a big part of todays youth culture. Everyone plays video games whether it be a mobile phone app or a dedicated console game. There is a rating system to help aid parents in deciding what is appropriate for their kids, but it seems that most parents ignore it. I think the reason is that they aren’t aware of how the system works. We need to increase awareness to better educate the parents, because it is ultimately up to them to guide their kids.Kids growing up playing adult themed games end up thinking and acting inappropriately. Most kids today curse. Little kids who arent even in their teens are speaking profanity. Part of the reason they do so is because they grew up in a world filled with cussing. Here is an article by William Usher. Most small children have or will play video games that are filled with violence and language. Parents need to monitor their children better.

Pros And Cons To a College Education

You hear all sorts of stories of past generations and how they’ve made their buck without a college degree, but today a college degree is considered a necessity in order to be successful. In fact, it almost seems that a college degree is necessary to get a job that pays well enough to pay off the student loans you took out to pay for college. Truthfully, a college education doesn’t even guarantee you a job anymore, all it does is give you a better “opportunity” to get certain jobs. In 2011, 50% of college students under the age of 25 had no job or only a part-time job. The average debt a student leaves college with is approximately $30,000. College, in some people’s eyes, may be the largest scam America has to offer. shows a hand full of pros and cons that are very skewed between the two sides of the argument. I plan on arguing that college’s benefit more from our tuition than we will potentially benefit in life. As a college student, I am especially interested in this topic because I’m living it. I am apart of the community and it will be interesting and beneficial to learn more oft this topic.