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My Topic:

For this semester, the topic I focused on in my various essays was how the current United States Education System was unfair and did not do what it was designed for.

My Essays:

For the first essay I wrote a definition paper in which I focused on telling the history of the problems in the educations system and establishing what problems exist within it.  I first told the history of education, or at least what I was able to find up until today.  Then I talked about quite a few problems involved with the education system in the essay a few being how the style of teaching originates from how factory workers were put to work a long time ago and still is the mainstream method of teaching.  In essay two  I wrote a rebuttal in which I mostly focused on discrediting an article I found online that talks about how the American education system is simply the best out of all the other countries.  I used various articles to disprove many points that were made about how exactly the American education system was better than others.  for the third essay I am redefining the problem that persists within my topic and then coming up with numerous ways in which we could solve some of the problems our at least make them better.

My Research Methods:

To begin I like to do a general search to see If the ideas I come up with for the essay have sources that can support my claims. I found that using databases for my research was actually a waste of time because while they could filter through many articles quickly, most of those articles were so specific that they could not be used as research for my topic but actually would waste time searching for nothing.  For the most part, I never really had to look for sources daily or anything like that, thankfully.  When I did find sources if there aren’t any  that support my way of thinking or if the research disproves my previous thoughts I change them but if there are enough to support them then I continue on to my next step.  I make a bullet point list of ideas that fit along with the main point of the essay, that I will use for reference when I actually start writing.  Then I like to explore those ideas and come up with as many points that I can with them.  This makes up for most of the ideas that I make in the essays.  Then for most of the main points I make I look for research that supports my specific points.  For the most part this is really all I did for all the essays, the only other thing I did for some of them was put in my own personal connection to whatever point I was making to demonstrate to the audience a real life connection in relation to my point.


Was the USA ever the best at education?

The Invented History of ‘The Factory Model of Education’

Education in the United States of America

Final Details:

After all my research my opinion hasn’t really changed much from start to finish.  In fact It only became more apparent to me that what I thought was just a simple problem was actual a much bigger problem than I thought.  The reason for this is that through my research I discovered that for many people, the things I thought were clear problems never made them think of it as a problem even though there is clear research, media, and politicians that say otherwise.  I think for many people its easier to just live in a figurative bubble than to accept that sometimes what they believed for many years was in fact not true.  I would have to say that throughout my research that is the new main idea that I have discovered regarding my topic.  Though my thought on this is that it is better to just pop that figurative bubble and face the truth than forever live in ignorance.

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Education Image


Visual Argument

Related image

We can tell that this image most likely has to do with education.  This is most likely the case because in the picture the artists uses animals to depict what can be thought of as students and a single person asking the animals that they all have to climb the tree in order for the exam to be fair which could be thought of as the teacher.  I believe that the message that the image is trying to convey is that when it comes to education not every student should be thought of being capable of doing what everyone else can.  The picture could have a number of intended audiences, for one it could be for the students that have to go through tests like this, the teachers that design their test’s expecting every one is capable of being able to do it, or the politicians that are responsible for creating standardized tests that measure students from various schools and attempts to put them all at the same standard.  Personally I think this image is targeted more towards the last reason because standardized test are the usual target for scrutiny.  The way in which this is very relatable to my topic is that my topic has to do with how the education system of today is very ineffective and not fair to students.  in my essays I even made a point very similar to the message of this image in that schools throw a bunch of kids that have no commonalities other than age in a classroom teach them all the same things and then grade them as though the all should be capable of doing just as well as each other.  So this image does very well in relating to my topic by demonstrating memorable visuals and a clear message to its audience some of the aspects of the education system that are unfair.

Test Blog Post #1

Do you know how different a school from the 19th century and a school today are?  Well maybe the buildings have changed, methods have changed, and technology has changed but the overall structure has not changed.  You place a bunch of kids in one room, teach them the classes that are generally considered the most important and then grade them all the same by one common standard.  The most important aspects of what a school should be like are lacking today.  The things many schools are lacking are promoting a rich social environment where kids are free to develop their creativity and collaboration,  as well as develop individual learning where they can actually figure out what they want to do and who they really are as a person instead of treating them like a robot and expecting them to be as good as everyone else at the general education classes.


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My topic for this year is on education, what it is lacking, how it can be fixed and why it is a very important issue.  I feel Like a I really want to write about this because now that I have gotten through my public education I find myself looking back on how things could have been so much better.  At least in my personal experience I think that although the schools I went met the standards on teaching classes like math and English they were severely lacking in really anything else.  I know there are some schools that do focus on providing students with glimpses at what career paths they can take, however I believe they are overwhelmingly in the minority.  So I would like to delve into the facts about the education system and study in what ways it could be better because the world is going to be in the hands of the next generation of students and I believe should be taught in the best way possible.

How Should We Rebuild the U.S. Education System?

Anxiety in College Students

In an article published by Joel Brown he stated that Depression and Anxiety are the leading mental health issues that occur on college campus and recently have been seeing a lot more. According to the 2015 National College Health Assessment Survey 1 in 6 students reported being treated or diagnosed with anxiety or depression in the last 12 months. In Browns article, he also goes over when it is time to seek help. Some students can overcome these anxiety and depression waves, but when you’re missing classes and not engaging in your normal day to day activities it is time to seek some medical attention.

In another article posted on The Conversation by David Rosenberg he also was talking about anxiety in college students and some components that might be making your anxiety worse and you might have no idea. Social Media can set up a virtual and alternate reality that some teens can get lost in and make them depressed and anxious because their life is not what it is in their virtual life. Another big reason they see anxiety increasing is due to students need for Adderall and Ritalin. Adderall and Ritalin help students stay focused or cram for a test, but what most don’t know is that a common side effect with those drugs are anxiety and depression. Mix that with the lack of sleep and you can spiral down pretty quickly.

College can be a stressful time for all involved. A new environment, maybe your first time living alone and having to make new friends. You can get wrapped up pretty quickly in the college life style of staying up late and not getting sleep and that can catch up to you quickly. Your mental health is important and these two articles prove that anxiety is a real issue in many people’s lives and they need to be aware that there is help and ways to lessen your anxiety. If the stigma of mental health gets taken away hopefully more students would seek help and not be afraid to talk about their anxiety or depression.

Recap on College Tuition

My Topic: My topic was on the constant rise of college tuition, the politics behind it, and how to resolve it. I focused on four year colleges and their expensive tuition costs that hurt students who wish to obtain their degrees.

My Essays: My first essay was a definitional argument where I explained the current tuition crisis in the United States and how it came to be. I explained where most of the money goes into, which is libraries, academics, and facilities. I also included that tuition is not the only thing that students pay for, they also pay for housing, meal plans, parking, etc. In my second essay I proposed solutions for lowering college tuition in the U.S. I said that one of the best ways to reduce students debt is to cut interest rates on student loans. Tuition is already high, for moderate schools tuition is most likely $20,000 or more. For most students they are paying more than that because the interest rates on their loans are 8%. My third essay was a narrative paper about how myself and my peers handle the price of our education. I talked about how scholarships don’t come around enough to really help with one’s tuition. Also, aid and grants do not put a dent in the costs either.

My Research: For my research, I mostly used pro quest. The database gave me access to hundreds of academic journals on the subject in which I learned more about the subject than I ever thought I would. I got in depth about the politics in the matter and about what the government wanted to do about the situation. I also used newspaper websites like the Huffington Post for my research on tuition where I also viewed others personal opinions on the subject. I researched my topic about once a week, it was enough where I had all the information I needed on my subject.


Final Details/Observation: I learned that college is a business like anything else, and is affected by the economy. The demand for college has been going up for several decades which leads to the increase in tuition. I also learned that politicians are trying to create crafty plans to lower tuition, even if it means penalizing the college for charging too much.



College Tuition: Synthesis Blog Post

One of my sources that I plan on using in my research is an article called Tuition: College Tuition; The Shattering Explosion, found on proquest. The article explains how American colleges are commended for their accountability and quality of education, but they must be made more affordable. The article notes many politicians have taken notice of the issue and pledge to put a halt to the constantly increasing costs. The obstacle these politicians are facing is how to keep the costs in line and prevent a constant rise in tuition. I bel22856641_SAieve this is a great article to include in my paper because it clearly explains what is trying to be done to resolve the issue. But the question left is, how can politicians control the tuition and can they gain enough support to pass legislature?

The second source that I found will have a specific role in my research assignment. The article I found on proquest called College Tuition: [Sports Final, C Edition] will serve as an explanation to why tuition seems to be increasing over the years. This article will give me enough information to support my argument against rising tuition costs. The article describes the decrease in education funding and where the missing funds are being compensated from.


College Tuition

The topic I chose to write about is high tuition and the constant increase in tuition over the past decades. The issue here is that tuition has reached a price where students can’t afford to attend the school they want to go to, or they accumulate debt that stays with them for most of their lives. I’m interested in this topic because it is something that affects myself and the people around me, it is something that I can relate to easily. It is a current issue that affects millions in the United States that conflicts with the education system and the amount of teens going to college. tuition graph