The Few, The Proud, The Defenseless.

Our Armed Forces protect us from threats every day, but what is protecting them from us?


One of the more heated debates that has come up over the last thirty years, and still persists to this day, is the issue of gun control. People have argued over this subject untill they were blue in the face over wether people should have guns, where they should have them, and when they should be used. However, there are two subclasses of people who we take for granted the fact that they have guns, Law Enforcement and the Military. I am not here to talk about the issues in Law Enforcement today, but the current situation of our Armed Forces, some parts of which would suprise you.

One commonly held misconception that many Americans have is the fact that the military is allowed to carry guns, well, at least in the US. Yes, you read that right. The military in not legally able to carry in the United States. The only Armed Forces members that can carry are Military Policemen (MPs), and most bases do not have MPs patrolling in the base, but have them at the gates. This legality is what has led to situations like the Fort Hood¬†shooting in 2009, and the more recent shooting in Chattanooga¬†in 2015. I wish to examine this issue, and using all the information I can gather, determine if the laws that are currently on the books today are for the best, or if we need to change our thinking on the whole idea. These men and Women are trusted with Tanks, Grenade Launchers, Machine Guns, sniper Rifles, and equipment costing millions of dollars per piece of equipment overseas, so why can’t they be trusted with a simple handgun, which they all qualify on already, that they can carry when they are back home? What ever the reason, we need to get into this issue and figure it out, before tragedy strikes again.