Paper #3

For my third paper, I have decided that instead of writing a rebuttal paper against those who think bullying is a good thing (which is a bit ridiculous to be honest), that it would be much better and interesting to write a personal narrative about bullying and how it affects me in my everyday life. This is not only with how I am bullied, but also how I am helping those who are being bullied.

Research Update: Paper 3

For the third paper, as strange as it may seem, I will be writing a rebuttal paper against articles that are pro-bullying. As silly as it seems, they are real. Some people believe that bullying is just a part of growing up and everyone has to deal with it at some point in their life, but I believe that this shouldn’t have to be this way. Others believe that the bullying builds character. Some medical research has shown that bullying is good for the bully’s health.

While it was difficult to find papers that were pro-bullying, they were eventually found and easily rebutted.

Reflective Post

First of all, it was a very difficult, long process to finally find a topic that I could write about effectively. My topic changed at least three times before I came to my final topic of bullying. For my paper, I really did like the topic of my paper, but it was a very difficult topic to write a definition paper. Once I did have what I was defining/explaining, which was what a bully is to different people, it was relatively easy to find sources to support my ideas. I believe that writing my next essay will be much easier than it was to write this one.

My research on this topic has been very successful since the topic is so widely discussed. I learned a lot about the medical effects of bullying both on the intimidator and the victim, like how bullying decreases stress levels because it makes the bully feel more empowered. A few of my sources were conflicting because one said that bully is good for the bully and another said that it was bad for the bully, in medical terms. I also learned that bystanders have a large effect on bullies and their actions.