End of Semester Recap


My Topic: My topic was the legalization of marijuana in regards to recreational use and medical use.

My Essays: My first essay was an evaluative essay in which I discussed how underrated cannabis is in a medical aspect. I explained how many different prescription drugs that marijuana can substitute. My second essay was a rebuttal argument in which I discussed why cannabis should be legal and how it does not make sense not to. I also touched on the fact that tobacco and alcohol are substantially more dangerous than marijuana, yet they are legal. My third and final essay was a proposal argument in which I discussed how beneficial the legalization of marijuana on a federal level would be to the country and the economy. What inspired my writing process was the fact that there are more positives than negatives that would come from the legalization. Also, people get addicted to prescription drugs when we can easily replace those highly addictive drugs with marijuana.

My Research Methods: In my research process I did use a few databases like CQ RESEARCHER. When I did my research I would have key points I was looking for such as statistics or facts that would back up my argument. I also talked to people about my topic to get different point of views. For example, Louis also had the topic of legalizing marijuana and talking to him gave me a different perspective which helped me to further my argument in other directions. With all my research I was able to join the conversation as a writer and develop my own point of view.

Sources: http://library.cqpress.com/cqresearcher/document.php?id=cqr_ht_legalizing_marijuana_2014&type=hitlist&num=0


Final Details/Observation: I had a little bit of knowledge on my topic, but with all the research I did I learned a lot more. I knew that medical marijuana was good for some people, however I did not know the extent to how many drugs it could replace. I also think that a big reason that the “schedule 1 drug” title has not been dropped because pharmaceutical companies would not be successful like they are now with marijuana’s ability to replace so many drugs. My perspective definitely changed as I learned more about my topic. I would like to see marijuana get legalized in the near future. This is because as a country we can stop wasting money on enforcing laws on cannabis and also so that the economy can prosper with the amount of tax revenue that would come in.


End of the Semester Recap on War

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War is the topic I have chosen. War is basically a situation that involves conflict, mostly armed conflict, between two or more parties.

My Essays

I wrote three essays on the topic of war. The first essay was a definition paper where I defined the different types of warfare and the effects that warfare had on the world and its inhabitants. The first essay is the most objective essay. The second essay was an ethical paper where I highlighted the morality of war and the controversies surrounding it. The third essay was the proposal essay and it is the most subjective essay. The third essay consisted of me proposing a few solutions to drastically reducing war or ending it altogether. I also put a lot of my own views into the essay near the conclusion as well. What inspired my writing process was the research and be planning ahead of time on what I am going to write.

My Research Methods

My research methods mostly consisted of me looking at articles ahead of time before even writing the essay. I preferred to set up my paragraphs before starting the essay. I did not go to other websites to wait for certain news article to come up. I just searched the sources and determined that they were a good fit. I did not spend a lot of time in databases but one database that was pretty useful was EBSCOhost. I did not talk to any individuals about my topic.




Final Details / Observation

My final thoughts on war is that I have learned quite a lot. I learned that war is common for a reason. It is profitable and that is why there are so many. I gained a new perspective on war and that it can be stopped with no problem only if the country who wants to spread democracy stops starting wars. I have also learned that power comes in numbers. People can influence a lot, even influence an outcome of a war. My perspective changed drastically. More people need to unite and as I said before, power comes in numbers. War can end if the country who wants to spread democracy wants it to and I hope people unite and learn what their capable of.


My Views on Researching Music Streaming


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My Topic

I researched the impacts of music streaming growth on the music industry. Streaming has become the most used method for music consumption.

My Essays

I have always had an interest in the creation and business of music, and this interest led me into becoming a Music Industry major. In class we constantly talk about streaming; how quickly it grew, how it impacts labels and artist, how it effects the quality of music. Thus, I decided to elaborate on these topics in three essays; A definition paper, an evaluative essay, and a proposal paper. The definition paper describes the basics of what qualifies as streaming as well as how popular it has become. While also giving some general knowledge of how the music industry works and other need to know information. The sequel publishing digs more into the problem created by this massive growth in streaming and how it has impacted artists, record labels , and consumers. My conclusive paper goes into depth about a concept that could fix the problem being created by music streaming and a better possible outcome. 

My Research Methods

I did most of my research online, searching through an endless amount of articles covering this subject, some reliable, others not so much. In one sitting I would search for information to back up what I was discussing in each essay. I would narrow my options down to three or four quality sources and use those in my annotated bibliography. Other information used in the papers comes straight out of my notes from my other classes. My teachers, peers and I constantly go back and forth on this topic so I had lots of material.


  • http://au.blogs.american.edu/audio-technology/how-streaming-is-changing-the-music-industry
    • The writer discusses how streaming has impacted the music industry and if those effects have been positive or negative. The costs and benefits of streaming are compared as well as the value of art changing because of steaming. The author continues on to talk about the listening experience and if that is still the same while using streaming.
  • https://sites.insead.edu/facultyresearch/research/file.cfm?fid=58011
    • “We document that adopting Spotify leads to more discovery of highly valued music. Relative to using iTunes, adopting Spotify raises repeat listening for consumers’ best new discoveries, although —consistently with the marginal variety on Spotify being free—lowers repeat listening for the average new discovery relative to non-adopters. We discuss the implications for platforms, labels, artists, and consumers.”
  • http://www.ifpi.org/downloads/Music-Consumer-Insight-Report-2016.pdf
    • This is a PDF I found that was made by the organization, IPFI (spoken about in my paper), and it covers tons of information regarding streaming. Such as; how many people use it, what race, sex, and age groups use it, why people use it, and so much more.


While completing my research on music streaming this semester I learned a lot of new information regarding the impacts it has on not only the money being moved around but also on the quality of music being created. It was extremely interesting to take theoretical perspectives on a subject that I care about, and do real research to figure out what has been happening and what is going to happen next in the industry. However, I remained on the original side that I was on and I think that we are headed in a bad directional musically, which means something has to change. I’m not fully sure what has to be done but I discussed some ideas in my final paper!    🙂

End of the Semester Recap about Standardized Testing

My topic was Standardized testing and the over use of them in the current school system.

I wrote three essays on this topic. The first one was an evaluation essay and I stated that standardized testing was not helpful in schools, because of the stress that came with it. My second essay was a rebuttal essay, and I decided to disagree with my first essay and say that standardized testing was h041416-standardized_testing-1200x628-01elpful. It was easy to switch sides of the argument because I had wrote about the cons of it so I just thought about the pros of it. My third essay was a proposal essay and I thought that my proposal was too simple. What inspired me to write all of these essays is my personal experience with standardized testing. In my first essay I was able to put a personal experience, it helped me connect with the topic more.

Researching for my topic started when I first picked the topic. I found a lot of good sources through the databases supplied through the university and I found a lot of articles. Before I would start writing I would look for sources to get a background of the topic and the side of the argument. EBSCO Host helped me a lot it such a wide range of articles that it really helped. I really didn’t talk to many of my peers about my topic, but I discussed the type of essay I was doing. I did the essays on my own.


Columbia University. “Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing.” Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing (2013): n. pag. Web.

James, Julia Carol, and C. Kenneth Tanner. “Standardized Testing Of Young Children.” Journal Of Research & Development In Education (1993): 143. Educational Administration Abstracts. Web. 20 Feb. 2017.

Layton, Lyndsey. “Study says standardized testing is overwhelming nation’s public schools.” The Washington Post. WP Company, 24 Oct. 2015. Web. 15 Feb. 2017.

Osunsami, Steve, and Ben Forer. “Atlanta Cheating: 178 Teachers and Administrators Changed Answers to Increase Test Scores.” ABC News. ABC News Network, 06 July 2011. Web. 01 Mar. 2017. <http://abcnews.go.com/US/atlanta-cheating-178-teachers-administrators-changed-answers-increase/story?id=14013113&gt;.
Walker, Tim. “NEA Survey: Nearly Half Of Teachers Consider Leaving Profession Due to Standardized Testing.” NEA Today. N.p., 26 Aug. 2015. Web. 04 Mar. 2017. <http://neatoday.org/2014/11/02/nea-survey-nearly-half-of-teachers-consider-leaving-profession-due-to-standardized-testing-2/&gt;.

I learned a lot about my topic throughout this process. I found out that it affects more than just students, but teachers and schools too and schools can benefit from it financially if their students do well on it. When I first started with this topic I didn’t think that standardized testing was helpful, but now writing for both sides I can see how they are helpful. In the future I would like to see a cut back in standardized testing.

End of the Semester Recap: American Obesity

Topic: The topic of was essay was a research essay on America’s obesity epidemic and how it is affecting us in today’s society.

The three essays I wrote in this course was definition, Causal, and proposal essay. The Definition essay entitled me to state the what the obesity epidemic is and why this problem was happening to America also, how it is affecting our nations health. The Casual Argument provided reasoning as to what is causing this epidemic  in today’s society to grow in such significant numbers each year. Finally, the Proposal essay provided a solution to the epidemic and how we can lower the risk of new generation of obese Americans.



Researching for my essay was process in which I gained more information about my topic the I wrote about it more. Finding resources for my essay was challenging, but along the way I gathered useful information that ultimately helped me begin my essays. Some of the data bases I used for factual support in my writing consisted of a chart the rates obesity through the years. The chart mainly resembles how the obesity rate in America has nearly tripled sine the early 1970s. My professor helped guide me in the right direction when it came to finding sources such as educational resources.



This topic ultimately gave me a better explanation why America’s are so obese. I learned that not many people can prevent becoming over weight as a result it made me invested to find ways to get the obesity rate down. This topic made me more actively think about how I’m going to treat my body when i get older along with how I will feed my kids. After writing, this subject opened my eyes and made me realize how easy to become overweight and how it can happen to anyone if your not careful. This essay really caught my interest because I could see the epidemic arising a I grew older and researching about why it is happening and how its affecting people just lured me right into it.

End of Semester Recap about Animal Testing

animal testing

My Topic: My topic is about how the use of animals in testing and research is cruel and unnecessary. The results from these tests are not always accurate and put innocent creatures through dangerous processes.

My Essays: For my first essay, I wrote an evaluative paper. In this, I looked at what animal testing is and the potential benefits it may have or the criticisms against it. In my next essay, I wrote a rebuttal paper. For this one, I chose the side that was against animal testing and stated my case for why I believed that. I obtained arguments that were for animal testing and refuted why those reasons were not efficient. Finally, for my last paper I wrote a proposal paper. In this essay, I looked into the alternatives for animal testing and how they could be better than it. At the end I stated why I believed we should cease animal testing and move to the alternatives.

My Research Methods: For my first essay, I looked for articles on databases that covered the topic of animal testing, whether they were for or against it. I used these to compile an essay that was pretty much objective and just evaluating both sides of this argument. After this, I looked for articles that were more for animal testing and would use their reasoning in my rebuttal paper to say why I disagree or why they may be wrong. I also used articles explaining some of these reasons in my second essay. For my third essay I research articles that provided ways that we could change or alternative methods we could use in order to abandon animal testing all together. A lot of the articles I used were government based websites that gave me insight into how some of the laws and regulations act in cases of animal testing and how they may fail sometimes.

Sources: Animal Testing Pro/Con this website gave me insight as to how each side of the argument thinks and what reasons they may have for believing what they do. It was very helpful in my first and second essays.

New Ways To Test Products this article from the NY Times helped me learn more about the various alternatives available in regards to animal testing and how we can change the way products are tested. This was especially helpful in my third and final essay where I spoke about the possible alternatives and how they could benefit humans.

Final Details/Observation: Overall, I learned a lot about animal testing that I was not previously aware of. I learned how much it is still happening today and how it involves more animals than just rats, it even includes cats and dogs. I also learned how close we are to getting rid of animal testing all together. Through all of the possible alternatives and technology that is available, it is obvious that there is no need for this to still be happening. I believe that if people learn about this and become aware, we can eradicate the use of animals in research soon in the next few years. I would like to see people becoming more passionate and aware about this topic in the future to ensure that this happens.


End of Semester Recap about D1 athletes should get paid

https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwi6v7vwgsPTAhWM3oMKHbc8C4UQjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.top-business-degrees.net%2Fcollege-sports%2F&psig=AFQjCNGD1P7n6yelhG9Ti5_GTocILEWtuQ&ust=1493326986455385&cad=rja  march-madness

My Topic: My topic was about if D1 athletes should get paid. I believe that they should and are very undervalued.

My Essay: The first essay I wrote was a definition essay. I talked about the problem with the NCAA and why they have to pay athletes. I talked about my friend who I saw first hand lose scholarships left and right. It was such a normal thing and its unfair how it all could have been solved with a little money. I argue about how much the NCAA makes on a single season of games and TV deals. My second essay was a rebuttal. I had more counter arguments on why the athletes should not be paid. With this opposing view it made the essay have a counter argument that had solid points to go against. He talks about what it is from the side of the school and an athletic department. My final essay was a proposal essay. I proposed two solutions to the problem. One was a minimum wage system why the other was an endorsement deal system. Each had its good points and bad points but the endorsement deal was just a better solution that would help the players so much with very little effect on the NCAA.


My Research Methods: I researched my topic twice a week. I would look up articles for both side. One day I would look up all the pros and write them down on a sheet of paper, then the cons on another day. It made me get a better understanding and a stronger research than I would have. I would use different websites overtime to get a full range of knowledge. I used databases very sparingly as I felt they did not give me information to the points I was making. I talked to my father about this because he was always very anti paying athletes and I wanted to hear his view.

Sources: https://www.forbes.com/sites/marcedelman/2014/01/30/21-reasons-why-student-athletes-are-employees-and-should-be-allowed-to-unionize/#3435cfed8d05

Final Details/ Observations: I honestly feel I did not learn much that I did not know. I have played sports my whole life and grown up around this argument. Although everyone feels they have their own view and spin they really do not. Most people have the same mindset and same points. I still thing college athletes should be paid and it is a shame that they are not. I want to see players paid by endorsements because I feel that is the best way for everyone to really be a “winner”.