End of the Semester Recap of Mental Health Stigma

My Topic: My topic for this class was mental health stigma. Stigma is any negative stereotype and for my essays I focused mainly on negative stereotypes on mental health.

My Essays: My first essay was a definition paper. In this paper I discussed what mental health stigma is and the different types of stigma. There are two types social and perceived stigma. I wrote about the differences between the two and how it relates back to their illness. I also mentioned other types of stigma in my first essay to really get my point across that individuals do not look at the mentally ill as people. They look at them as things and treat them that way too. For my second essay I did a casual argument paper. I wrote about what in our world is putting down mental illness. The media was a big topic in my second essay. I talked about how they portray a lot of false messages about mental health. They make them out to be much more violent than they really are. I spoke specifically about Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland school shooter and how he could’ve been helped. Also how the media mad him out to be a monster and linked the shooting to his mental illness which then drives people to believe that all mentally ill people are violent. My last essay was a proposal. I wrote about the different ways mental health stigma could be eliminated and how the mentally ill deserve to live a normal life just as much as anyone else does. I proposed that if we get rid of all the negative stereotypes people would stop feeling embarrassed and guilty about themselves and be more open to getting help.

My Research Methods: Throughout this semester I would always look up my topic on google and read a bunch of different articles about it. The ones that I most frequently used were Psychology Today, The Guardian and Washington Post. All three of those websites all have very creditable information and also taught me a lot of things I didn’t know about my topic. Also my mom is a social worker and she used to work with the mentally ill so I talked to her about my topic a lot. She gave me some good advice and also helped me better my research too.

Sources: Annotated Bib link —-> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vft-F_3XS6Kj1ujlrTN7yP3be-Q3XXeiRzvjv5YQ6eI/edit?usp=sharing

Final Details: Over the course of the semester I learned that mental health stigma is not something that can just go away overnight. It is something that has to gradually be lessened and lessened. I also learned that this stigma has very detrimental affects on the mentally ill. Overall is makes them even worse and they will refuse to get treatment. I did gain a very high respect for t he mentally ill by researching this topic. I never realized how much people put them down. As for the future I hope one day we can finally stomp the stigma once and for all.


End of Semester Recap on Loot Boxes

My Topic

My topic was loot boxes in video games and how they can enrich and be a detriment to gaming depending on how they are implemented.

My Essays

In my first essay it was a definition paper, outlining what loot boxes are and how they fit into games and how they earn games money. The second essay I attempted to look at loot boxes through an ethical standpoint, but my essay seemed to be muddled by too many examples and too little explanation of each example. My third essay is poised to be a proposal to hopefully stir people to get working on a way to have developers self regulated themselves rather than having to regulate them with law.

My Research Method

I used my own knowledge of loot boxes from my time spent playing video games, supplemented and supported by sources that were relevant in explaining. I took in information from veterans of various gaming communities and their opinions on loot boxes which shaped my essay’s substance but I had very little I could quote from them as I got their opinions over a voice chat and I lost my recording of it to a PC reformat. (back-up your data) I mostly spent my time in the ProQuest database as that seemed to have the most articles with relevance to my topic. YouTube channels covering the court cases about loot boxes were a main source of court records for loot boxes being considered gambling, as getting direct links to court documents in a long and tedious process.




Final Details

What I learned from this venture into loot boxes. That is something difficult to answer. What I learned was more of the shady side of loot boxes and how they attempt to psychologically manipulate player into spending money. I also learned of the more tame side of loot boxes where there is just a box full of neat stuff that you only need to buy if you want to. I have gained a better understanding of why loot boxes exist, but I have not really figured out whether they are here to stay. It’s up in the air now as to whether loot boxes are gambling in many places, so too is the future of many games that depend on them to exist.

End of Semester Recap about Mental Health in School Systems

My Topic: My topic is about how students suffering from mental health disorders like stress and anxiety can be helped by being taught a different way rather than just keep piling work on top of their unwanted stress.

My Essays: My first essay focuses on what mental health is. Many people do not know, or understand what it is like to have a mental health disorder. This was my definition essay, as I go into detail and define mental illnesses like stress and anxiety. My second essay was my ethical essay. I discussed how I felt about this topic, and how I believe it can be fixed. My third and final essay was my proposal essay, was a lot like my ethical essay, because I was trying to say the same thing in the end. The reason I wrote about this topic, is because I have friends back at home who felt with stress, anxiety, and depression in school. We discussed about how school could be such a better place it there a few change to it. I have also felt stress, due to the amount of work I was given in high school.


My Research Methods: Every time I went to do research on this topic, I found many articles and webpages regarding mental health. I had to sift through many articles before finding articles relating to how school systems affect one’s mental health. I used Huffington Post and New York Times a bit, because I consider them reliable sources. Try not to use databases, only because there are so many articles to chose from, I prefer to get straight to the point. I talked to friends back home about what a good solution could be, which is how I got part of my solution in the end.

Sources: These are some key sources I used throughout the semester.



Final Details/Observation: I learned a lot about arguing for this topic. I didn’t know that much about mental health, and I never really understood people who had it, I still don’t understand certain aspects of it, but Understand more about it now. I can say I gained a new found perspective on my topic, and will try to make a difference, being an education major, making a different in my student’s lives. I just hope that the school system will change, and that children are taught at a younger age not to discriminate or hate. School should be a safe place, not a place filled with bullies and stress.



End of Semester recap


My final essay was about changing consoling for mental health on college campuses. Students are waiting a ridiculous amount of time if there is consoling and if there isn’t there is no where to turn to.

I wrote a definition paper for my first essay explaining how mental health is on the rise and more people especially young adults are being diagnosed with a mental health disorder. My second paper was a causal paper and that paper discussed the lack of consoling and support that college students have with a mental health disorder in college. Lastly my last paper was a proposal on how to change the the consoling options on college campuses and make the effective and available for all students.

I looked up articles on all different types of data bases. I found a few on rowans library and then other simply off of google. When googling ” Mental health on college campuses” most of the results are about getting a degree on mental health and not the consoling or resources that the campus provides for mental health and that made research kind of tricky. I also took information from my mother, who is a mental health nurse and started a whole mental health center for post-pardum depression.

Here are some articles I really enjoyed and helped my research:


More and more students need mental health services. But colleges struggle to keep up

I learned a lot about my topic through research and a lot of my research was very sad and disappointing. Realizing that so many students around the world are suffering through these mental health problems by themselves and having no community to turn to at there own college is very sad. Students should not feel afraid to reach out for help and if they do they should not have to wait weeks to receive the help they need. I found out a lot about different consoling options and hope that in the future they are available at every college and university before its too late.

End of Semester Recap about Euthanasia

My Topic: Euthanasia is the way a patient with a terminal illness can terminate their life with a lethal injection. It is currently illegal, however, people have been fighting for it to be legalized more recently.

My Essay: The first essay I wrote was a description essay. First, I defined what euthanasia and assisted suicide is, which is commonly misinterpreted to be the same thing. I then wrote about the two sides of euthanasia, for and against. Each side has very strong arguments that make it almost impossible to choose a side. I explained the points of each side and how it could make sense to a person. The second essay I wrote was an ethical essay. I decided to discuss how both sides of euthanasia has moral issues. Legalizing it could be seen as playing God, which could make religious people strongly disagree with it. Keeping it illegal is also denying people the right to make a decision with his or her life and prolonging suffrage is seen as cruel. I explained how both sides could be seen as immoral and unethical, which is why euthanasia is a complicated decision. I also wrote about my personal story when my father was suffering from cancer, which pushed me to take a pro-euthanasia standing. In my third essay, I talked about the legality of euthanasia and basically why it should be legal. I did not touch upon the legality in any other essays, so this essay makes all three coincide. I explained how some states allow assisted suicide and how other countries use euthanasia and assisted suicide. I explained that euthanasia would only work with proper regulations and that keeping it illegal will not stop it from happening. Instead of keeping it illegal, it would be better if it was regulated and safely used. Seeing my father experience the pain he did when he suffered from cancer inspired me to want to research more about euthanasia, inspiring me to write these three essays.

My Research Methods: I mainly used the internet to find my sources. I usually look for the credible sites, instead of using the untrustworthy sites. I believe that the internet is an important way of research because it is constantly being updated, so new information is avaliable. I also used the Rowan University library database to find some more information. Every time I would write a new essay, I would constantly look for new articles to read and see if it could be used in my essay. I did not talk to many people about the research besides my family and their ideas on euthanasia.

Sources: link to annotated bibliography: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11bGa0A0X74-yEoLvwkO-XA5VUUQ2zhLMHcVfvCFxZ34/edit?usp=sharing


Final Details: Overall, I learned all about euthanasia. I always believed it should be legal. Learning about it more made me almost more open minded on the topic. I am still pro-euthanasia but I do have a better understanding on why people believe it should not be legal. I found it very interesting to learn about the countries that do allow euthanasia and how it works. When researching, I started to think more about how people could abuse euthanasia and how it is difficult to know if it is the right decision. Also, I found it interesting to learn how deep euthanasia can go and that it is not a simple decision. I found that the topic was much more complicated then my belief. With that being said, it did strengthen my belief that it should be legal. I found that overall it would be better to legalize it because people will do illegal things, laws do not always stop people. Sometimes laws make people more sneaky, which causes people to be unsafe. I compared this topic to abortion because when it was illegal, women were literally using coat hangers to terminate a pregnancy. Making abortion legal provided a safe and clean way for a women to make a decision. Euthanasia is in a similar boat. It would be better to legalize it and properly regulate it than people going to the extreme.

End of Semester Recap on Music Therapy


A) Topic: My topic is music therapy and how it is under utilized in the modern day medical world. Its a valid practice and is at risk of being lost due to unawareness.

B) Essays: My first essay was a definition paper and I talked about what music therapy is and gave a brief history of it. For my next piece I wrote about the benefits of music therapy and why it should be promoted by doctors. For my final essay I proposed a solution for how to keep music therapy as a practice in modern medical treatment.

C) Research: I used a lot of sources when writing these essays. I was able to find solid information online by using trusted websites and the rowan data base. I found that the book healing at the speed of sound gave me a good starting point on my topic. I also talked to my cousin who is a music therapist about what it is like and how the therapy works.

D) Sources




E) After writing these essays I have a newfound appreciation and respect for music therapy. I knew that it existed prior to this class but I didn’t realize the potential of the practice. Going into this I believed that it could work but know I know it has and can change lives. In the future I would like to see courses that focus on music therapy as early as high school. If not dedicated courses, I would like to see some education on the topic in standard health classes, that way student are aware of the practice.

Essay 3 Topic

For my final essay I have chosen to write about how the illegal marijuana trade in the United States has increased due to the fact that marijuana is still illegal in some states. In the essay, I intend to explain how the illegal trade has been impacted by legal marijuana, as well as offer a solution to the problem.  For example, prior to countrywide legalization which would fully snuff the problem, states can enforce stronger laws on companies selling marijuana products. This would keep the drug legal but also make it harder to illegally sell until the other states follow suit. Until something happens though, the black market marijuana business will continue to thrive in the US.



Pre-Writing Essay: Excluding Marijuana from Drug Tests

In my third and final essay, I would like to specifically state the conditions with which I think marijuana should be excluded from drug tests. I’d like to touch on all of the different places you would come across drug testing because I did not get into that in my first essay. There is nothing I want to change, but there are things I want to clarify and stress. For example, I want to make it clear that I’m not promoting the use of marijuana, but I think that it is not a fair way to judge anyone’s character or capabilities. The policy I would like to implement is the cases in which the exclusion of marijuana from drug tests should be practiced. I want to discuss scenarios where it is unfair to use marijuana as justification to decline doing something whether that be offering government aid or employment.


Visual Assignment: Marijuana a Deadly Drug?

Marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 drug which is as bad as they get. American RSDHope says, “SCHEDULE 1 (CLASS I) DRUGS are illegal because they have high abuse potential, no medical use, and severe safety concerns; for example, narcotics such as Heroin, LSD, and cocaine.” As many people already know, marijuana does have medical uses and is being legalized for medicinal purposes in many states. As far as severe safety concerns, I think this chart displaying the death toll of various substances says a lot about the “severity” of marijuana use. Looking at the data alone you can’t see the bar for deaths caused by marijuana overdose. Even if you could see the bar, it would be lost under the shadow of the overwhelmingly large number of deaths caused annually by tobacco, a drug that you can easily purchase if you are of legal age in any state. The number of people who die because of tobacco does not only include those who directly use the substance. This number also includes those who take in the substance second hand. In comparison to the other substances, marijuana is the least deadly.