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My Topic: My topic was based on gun control and how this could effect rights to US citizens.

My Essays: My first essay on this topic was an evaluation paper. I started to explain what gun control was and why it was a consideration. I then went on to discuss the different laws of guns briefly in each state and highlighted the importance of the US constitution and why it defends gun-owners. I also covered the political parties thoughts on this issue.

In my second essay, I decided to do a casual/ethical paper. Again, I showed the importance of the US constitution and what could happen if our rights were taken away. I showed many statistics and showed many examples as to why current/ future responsibe gun-owners should not have their rights taken away because of culprits using guns illegaly.

For my proposal paper; my third essay, I really emphasized the constitution and the opinons of others. I felt that the opinons of others were a very important part in getting a proper solution that would be fair to everyone. I collected voices from moms to figherfighters to security guards to Rowan students and it was super fun getting to hear everyone and their explanations as to why they thought what they did.

My writing process was inspired by the constant controversial discussions of this topic. It is a very interesting and opiniated topic and I wanted to see why certain people were aganst this topic. As I continued to research, I grew more with this topic and became stronger to be able to defend my personal opinon.

My Research Methods: I search different key words with my topic. I based all three of my essays from the US constitution and mainly focused on this. I then branched out from that with smaller documents and opinons of others. I noticed most of my searches ended up being opinons of others, so I had to search more scholary articles and find the bases of the gun control that I needed.

Sources: http://www.constitutionparty.com/gun-control/



Final Details/Observations: After researching the same topic for the semester, I became more knowledgeable about rights, the laws, and gun-control in general. I knew what my position was in this argument but did not know how to defend it. Since I did days of research, I realized and learned new key points on this topic and found my voice to defend what I thought about it. I also learned how to pick apart information I really needed and what information I could do without for the essays. Because of all the research and learning I did on my topic, I found a better perspective on why I don’t support gun control and legit reasons on why I don’t. In my research, I learned to understand the opposing side and take into consideration of  their thoughts and opinons and also include that in my essays to give better feedback to my readers.



Proposal; Gun Laws

After collecting much research and looking into more about my topic over the semester about gun control and gun laws, I have a pretty good idea on how I want to conduct my proposal paper. I had anticipated to do a survey for my last essay but didn’t, but I feel like this is tf852775af07c986cb6442986cd6460c0he appropriate time to do so and really get as many opinions as I can on my topic since it is so controversial among many. This will help me come up with a plan to try to benefit both sides. Among many, there is safety concerns; whether is be for home protection or alertness for future shootings and I fully understand and accept all views that people will bring up.

For my proposal, I plan to balance out the good and bad about both sides and come up with a solution that will be fair to both sides. Although I know I cannot come up with a solution o satisfy all opinions on this topic, I can set ideas that will make owning a gun safer and the process of owning one more carefully analyzed. Throughout my paper, I feel it is necessary to remind my readers about the 2nd amendment in The Constitution of the US as it is a primary source and documentation that is seriously respected by if not all, many.

“The Constitution of the United States: A Transcription.” National Archives and Records Administration. National Archves and Records Administration, n.d. Web. 18 Apr. 2016.

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IMG_7544This image shows The Constitution of the United States with a gun pointing to it with different words that may come about when talking about gun-control. Although, guns can in many situations not be safe and take people lives; it is our right as written in this document to bear arms. Gun-control is very controversial and can be very opinionated. Because of of this I have included both positive/negative words in the gun pointing to the document to show power and symbolize how gun-control is progressing in minds and how The Constitution is often forgotten.


Causal/Ethical Argument: Gun Laws

In my second essay, I will be using both a causal and an ethical argument. I plan to explain through research the causes and effects of pro gun and no guns. There is a variety of effects that can happen for both, and I would like to include the 2016 possible presidential candidates and their views on the situation. Because the 2nd amendment is the main source in this essay, I would identify it as an ethical argument where possible consequences could follow by the decision to “change” the constitution.

To get some different views, I would like to conduct a survey of opinions of different people. To make it more diverse, I would ask people around campus, parents, victims of a shooting family members, teachers, and people who are you higher up professionally. I would like to analyze each of their thought processes and if something would make or become different their views on this particular situation.




The Few, The Proud, The Defenseless.

Our Armed Forces protect us from threats every day, but what is protecting them from us?


One of the more heated debates that has come up over the last thirty years, and still persists to this day, is the issue of gun control. People have argued over this subject untill they were blue in the face over wether people should have guns, where they should have them, and when they should be used. However, there are two subclasses of people who we take for granted the fact that they have guns, Law Enforcement and the Military. I am not here to talk about the issues in Law Enforcement today, but the current situation of our Armed Forces, some parts of which would suprise you.

One commonly held misconception that many Americans have is the fact that the military is allowed to carry guns, well, at least in the US. Yes, you read that right. The military in not legally able to carry in the United States. The only Armed Forces members that can carry are Military Policemen (MPs), and most bases do not have MPs patrolling in the base, but have them at the gates. This legality is what has led to situations like the Fort Hood shooting in 2009, and the more recent shooting in Chattanooga in 2015. I wish to examine this issue, and using all the information I can gather, determine if the laws that are currently on the books today are for the best, or if we need to change our thinking on the whole idea. These men and Women are trusted with Tanks, Grenade Launchers, Machine Guns, sniper Rifles, and equipment costing millions of dollars per piece of equipment overseas, so why can’t they be trusted with a simple handgun, which they all qualify on already, that they can carry when they are back home? What ever the reason, we need to get into this issue and figure it out, before tragedy strikes again.





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Among various controversy, it is obvious that gun control has become a major aspect in politics. It is questioned if the availability of firearms is affecting crime rates and if it could be prevented if we had more gun control. Pro-guns citizens will continue to defend their second amendment as it states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Gun violence has become a huge concern to many, including the US government because of recent mass shootings. It is still uncertain that restriction on guns will prevent future shooting and crime rates.

Through gun laws, some hope this will reduce violence throughout cities while some argue the people that end up shooting have never been registered to a gun and been through the system. They continue to question why should their privileges be taken away if they’ve been through the system and been allowed to purchase guns legally. Guns are not only for violence but for home safety for potential invasions, threats, ect. Possession, ownership and carrying are all different in everyone’s views. Someone could be carrying a firearm with no registration and no record of having purchased it and commit a mass shooting while some have purchased legally and still committed a mass shooting. Gun control will continue to be an issue between people supporting gun rights and gun control.

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