Test Blog Post #1

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My topic that I will be writing about this semester will be the legalization of recreational marijuana and how it effects the economy as well as its effects on prison reform. I chose this topic due to its high volume of controversy, as well as its’ effects on minorities in the United States. The problem, is that our nations leaders have a very skewed and ignorant view about why recreational marijuana legalization is necessary, and how greatly it effects minorities – or maybe they don’t – and this is a much more deliberate use of power than maybe millennials and others understand. That being said, it seems like it is used as a platform to disenfranchise those who use, as well as an abuse of power, by keeping people of color (African Americans and Hispanic men) behind bars for these small possession crimes. Our economy would be very different if legalization of recreational cannabis was law, and not only would it positively influence our economy – it would pave the way for prison reform regarding those who are incarcerated for small petty crimes, like possession of marijuana or its paraphernalia.

Here are some links about my topic, I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Millennials have a job to do, and that is to change the course of history – no longer allowing those with more money, to be the ones with all the power, and make all the decisions.

Pot Legalization is Transforming California’s Criminal Justice Landscape. Here’s How

The Legalization of Recreational Marijuana: An Economic Opportunity for States?

Visual Assignment: Marijuana a Deadly Drug?

Marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 drug which is as bad as they get. American RSDHope says, “SCHEDULE 1 (CLASS I) DRUGS are illegal because they have high abuse potential, no medical use, and severe safety concerns; for example, narcotics such as Heroin, LSD, and cocaine.” As many people already know, marijuana does have medical uses and is being legalized for medicinal purposes in many states. As far as severe safety concerns, I think this chart displaying the death toll of various substances says a lot about the “severity” of marijuana use. Looking at the data alone you can’t see the bar for deaths caused by marijuana overdose. Even if you could see the bar, it would be lost under the shadow of the overwhelmingly large number of deaths caused annually by tobacco, a drug that you can easily purchase if you are of legal age in any state. The number of people who die because of tobacco does not only include those who directly use the substance. This number also includes those who take in the substance second hand. In comparison to the other substances, marijuana is the least deadly.