End of Semester Recap on JUUL, a Teen Epidemic

My Topic: My topic is about the electronic cigarette company known as JUUL, and its popularity spreading amongst adolescents across the country. There product is highly addictive and their marketing strategies have attracted millions of underage kids to be hooked onto their product resulting in an increase of sales and increased number of teenagers buying and using the product.

My Essays:

  1. Definition Paper: My first essay which was the definition paper describes what JUUL the electronic cigarette company is and describes that JUUL is a slick device which almost looks like a usb flash drive. The device is very easy to hide and use in public places like schools, malls etc. This was a fantastic way to show my audience what the product actually is before deciding my viewpoint on the product itself. I described how addictive the product was, its popularity amongst young kids, and JUULs rising increasing of sales and market growth which all do correlate later on.
  2. Ethical Paper: My second essay, I chose to write an ethical paper over all my other options because I wanted my audience to wonder if its ethical that a company is making billions of dollars in sales of illegal sales to minors. I described that although a lot of the people who use and purchase the product are 21 and over, a good majority are also not. This paper helped me establish my thesis and main point that JUULs popularity has increased dramatically amongst teenagers in an unhealthy manner because it questions the morality and ethics of the company marketing their product to young kids.
  3. Proposition Paper: My final paper I wrote was the proposition paper, which described what I think should be done about this addictive epidemic amongst adolescents and what has already be done today. When I started writing my first paper, the FDA was just starting to look into this after they also called it an epidemic, they gave the company JUUL 60 days to propose a solution on how they could stop the sales of their product. to underage kids. JUUL recently just a week ago banned all flavored pods such as mango, cucumber and fruit medley to hopefully put a stop to the attraction of there product amongst teens. Its insane to see actions take place on my topic while I’m writing about it because it gave me fresh new sources and current information to talk about. I love writing about fresh current information so to see this happen and to be able to write about it is fantastic!
  4. My Research Methods: My research process to me didn’t seem to bad honestly because of the fresh information and actions that have been made recently. I looked for articles probably twice a day, because a lot of articles have been made since JUUL banned flavored pods. Websites that seemed to be very knowledgeable were Nytimes.com, truthinitative.org, cnn.com, businessinsider.com and people.com. I do have a couple more but these websites carried the weight for most of my information. I didn’t really spend that much times in the databases because a lot of this information is currently new.
  5. Sources: 1.www.businessinsider.com/juul-e-cig-booms-amid-backlash-lawsuits-investigations-2018-7. 2. www.cnn.com/2018/09/12/health/fda-e-cigarette-juul-crackdown-bn/index.html. 3.www.nytimes.com/2018/11/13/health/juul-ecigarettes-vaping-teenagers.html.
  6. Final Details/Observation: On my topic of JUULs, I learned that company has been growing drastically becoming one of the fastest growing companies the U.S. has ever had but what I also learned is that its growing because minors are also using the product as well. What no one knows yet and I don’t know either is the complete health effects of the product , we know that its not good for brain development in adolescents but me don’t know the complete effects. On the other hand I know everything about the product from knowing how to use the actual product to who made the product and the companies motives. I ultimately gained a new perspective on the product, a perspective that JUUL is looking to maximize profit just like any company but there product is also effecting teenagers across the country. In the future I hope to see less teenagers using the product and more adults and I really hope to see adult smokers change from smoking cigarettes to using JUUL. The product really is a awesome way to stop smoking cigarettes and it really can be beneficial to a smoker but its popularity amongst teenagers needs to be reduced.

Visual Argument


Can we successfully compose an argument without words?

I think so, and although my visual argument for this assignment has words, I think a similar message could have been conveyed with the image I made. With just using the context clues and the thumbs up hands, the one viewing the image would understand that whatever this is, is good – at the very basic level. For my image, I was more focused on the idea that people should do their research – marijuana is an outlet that can do a lot of good, but has done so much bad, and those people who do not believe there are benefits may have just not done enough research.

I specifically hoped this image would target millennial’s, considering this generation is much more in-tune with the racial injustices faced everyday and what these injustices can do to someone or to an entire group. Legalization could change the fabric of America, taking what was once considered a schedule 1 substance, learning more about it, analyze it and then understand that this drug has much more to offer now than it did, and its medicinal qualities are just one of the many benefits it has. It could boost and change he economy, creating jobs and boosting revenue, allowing for more educational outreach in different cities. It could change prison reform and the way that Americans view the high minority incarceration rates for petty drug crimes.

Polls About Recreational Marijuana Legalization, and its Effects of Prison Reform and Economics

Public Opinion on JUUL, the e-cigarette company.


Blog Post #3 – JUULs, a Teen epidemic.

After trying to dig deep and explain what a JUUL is in my Paper 1, Im deciding to create a ethical paper amongst my topic. I’m creating an ethical paper on JUUL sales amongst the youth. JUULs says there motive as a company is to get cigarette smokers to stop smoking, when in fact it’s causing the youth to start smoking and trying tobacco products. Is it ethical that JUUL is profiting billions because young consumers are attached to the addictive nicotine product? No its not and it seems like the company is doing the least to stop young kids from trying the product. There slick marketing strategies and there flavorful tobacco products attract many young consumers. 

Image result for teens juuling

According to The New York Times “The sales campaigns for Juuls — now hugely popular with teenagers across the nation — are at the heart of a federal investigation into whether the company intentionally marketed its devices to youth. The attorney general of Massachusetts, also investigating the company, contends that Juul has been luring teenagers to try the product and has introduced many to nicotine. Her investigation will examine Juul’s efforts to audit its own website and other online retailers that sell its products to see how effective they are at preventing minors from accessing Juul or Juul-compatible products. (Federal law prohibits sales of e-cigarettes to anyone under 18.)”. This is just a look on how federal agencies are starting to crack down on JUUL and its ways of attracting the youth.

Richtel, Matt, and Sheila Kaplan. “Did Juul Lure Teenagers and Get ‘Customers for Life’?” The New York Times, The New York Times, 27 Aug. 2018, http://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/27/science/juul-vaping-teen-marketing.html.

Test Blog Post #1

these-are-top-2-marijuana-stock-dividend-plays-buy-nowimage provided by WordPress

My topic that I will be writing about this semester will be the legalization of recreational marijuana and how it effects the economy as well as its effects on prison reform. I chose this topic due to its high volume of controversy, as well as its’ effects on minorities in the United States. The problem, is that our nations leaders have a very skewed and ignorant view about why recreational marijuana legalization is necessary, and how greatly it effects minorities – or maybe they don’t – and this is a much more deliberate use of power than maybe millennials and others understand. That being said, it seems like it is used as a platform to disenfranchise those who use, as well as an abuse of power, by keeping people of color (African Americans and Hispanic men) behind bars for these small possession crimes. Our economy would be very different if legalization of recreational cannabis was law, and not only would it positively influence our economy – it would pave the way for prison reform regarding those who are incarcerated for small petty crimes, like possession of marijuana or its paraphernalia.

Here are some links about my topic, I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Millennials have a job to do, and that is to change the course of history – no longer allowing those with more money, to be the ones with all the power, and make all the decisions.

Pot Legalization is Transforming California’s Criminal Justice Landscape. Here’s How

The Legalization of Recreational Marijuana: An Economic Opportunity for States?

Visual Assignment: Marijuana a Deadly Drug?

Marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 drug which is as bad as they get. American RSDHope says, “SCHEDULE 1 (CLASS I) DRUGS are illegal because they have high abuse potential, no medical use, and severe safety concerns; for example, narcotics such as Heroin, LSD, and cocaine.” As many people already know, marijuana does have medical uses and is being legalized for medicinal purposes in many states. As far as severe safety concerns, I think this chart displaying the death toll of various substances says a lot about the “severity” of marijuana use. Looking at the data alone you can’t see the bar for deaths caused by marijuana overdose. Even if you could see the bar, it would be lost under the shadow of the overwhelmingly large number of deaths caused annually by tobacco, a drug that you can easily purchase if you are of legal age in any state. The number of people who die because of tobacco does not only include those who directly use the substance. This number also includes those who take in the substance second hand. In comparison to the other substances, marijuana is the least deadly.