Research Update: Paper 3

For the third paper, as strange as it may seem, I will be writing a rebuttal paper against articles that are pro-bullying. As silly as it seems, they are real. Some people believe that bullying is just a part of growing up and everyone has to deal with it at some point in their life, but I believe that this shouldn’t have to be this way. Others believe that the bullying builds character. Some medical research has shown that bullying is good for the bully’s health.

While it was difficult to find papers that were pro-bullying, they were eventually found and easily rebutted.


Reflective Blog Post

It was a lot harder than I expected to write my first essay. There isn’t a lot of hard factual research for my topic because it a mostly opinion based subject. This paper was easier than I expect the rest to be mainly because I just had to define what I was researching, but in the future I foresee issues with finding research to back up my stand on the topic.  I am most nervous about finding fifteen sources to complete my annotated bibliography because there isn’t a lot of information out there.

I think in the future I have to work harder on my research in order to be more successful with my topic. I have to  sift through the websites and journals to find articles that help me further understand my topic rather than ones that give opinions on how the media should change the way it reports stories.

Synthesis: Marijuana

Marijuana too most people is a mystery. Not many of us know of its actual inhabitants, correlations, and actual facts about what it can and can not do. There has been talk about how bad the substance can be for you when it comes to your personal health. For example there was a recent article in which I read about a young boy who had a ischemic stroke ( In this case the boy was said to have had consumed about 1.5 grams of marijuana daily for the last six months prior to the incident. Doctors claim that the stroke could have possibly been caused by cannabis abuse but they are not entirely sure. However, the boy was also said to have been using metandione which is a body building supplement that he was using 5 months prior to the incident. Doctors state that the repeated use of anabolic steroids and cannabis will cause leisures or in other words create problems stroke related, but is this evidence really valid, was marijuana really the cause of the stroke or was it just the metandione alone?

I can easily support previous argument in an interview I had read just a couple days ago ( The interview involves a very known accommodation of CNN, many of you know him as Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Right off the bat, Dr. Gupta states “Marijuana really isn’t good for you”. He lets his audience know that cannabis is something that we should astray from with his research at that certain time, stating that it may lead to depression, anxiety, and short term memory loss. He basically states that nothing is good to smoke no matter what it is, simply because of carcinogens that can be created from fumes. However, a couple years later Dr. Gupta apologizes for his previous anti marijuana rant. He clearly states, “We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that”. The reason he states that in his interview years later is because he had gone through so much research himself years after his rant only to find out that the majority of what we knew about cannabis was false. He actually states a observation about some of his patients saying, “In fact, sometimes marijuana is the only thing that works…”. This clearly states that marijuana is something that should be allowed for patients medically, so if it is allowed medically, I strongly believe that the previous argument about the ischemic stroke from cannabis abuse was a just a strong mis assumption with hardly any evidence to be provided by that doctor. I mean lets face it, Dr. Gupta is one of the most well known Doctors in the word with some of top researchers to back up some of his studies, surely his words have at least some truth…right? 


First Post: The Influence of the Media

My topic is how the Media influences society. The media is a powerful industry in todays society. The media pretty much controls how people react to big news that happens in the world. If an event is reported on with a negative connotation then society will think negatively of the event or vice versa. When one industry has this much control it becomes extremely dangerous.

Instead of reporting on an event with an opinion behind it, the media should be objective and unbiased. They should be responsible for giving facts instead of opinions. Let the public decide how to react on their own. This simple change in the media will remove most of their power over society.

Post 1: Research Proposal: Americanization

The topic that I am planning to write about is the Americanization of international (or non-white “typical American” apple pie and hot dogs) people. This is an issue because people all around the world, are trying to become more like Americans and lose their culture and heritage. I think that this topic is important because it is a real social issue, but not many people realize that it is happening. You can compare what is happening in other countries and in even our own to how the Native Americans were wiped out. Most of their heritage and beliefs were lost when the white men came along to try to “turn them white”. These people are changing their appearance and lifestyle because they have been taught that looking and acting like a “typical white American” is what is desired. These people believe that if they bleach their hair and change their skin tone, they will be acceptable and desirable. If this issue isn’t brought into light, the entire world would turn into cookie cutter “Americans”. Individuality and the strengthening and remembering of cultures needs to be stressed in order for this extermination of cultures to be stopped.