Media vs. Athletes

¬† This blog mainly focuses on professional athletes and the effect that not only social media, but also general media has on athletes. There’s a big issue in the pro athlete world, where once an individual signs that contract to be apart of a team, they automatically lose their right to privacy. Most organizations or programs say that their athletes have to speak to the press. It seems like everyone is just sitting by waiting for them to say/do something even slightly wrong. Once the media finds that ammunition, they fire off continues rounds until they can get their point across. On a weekly basis we see videos of athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. . . being bombarded by the media on legal issues, their personal lives or current situations. Overtime, these athletes catch on to the “little game” that the media plays, in order to meet their quota.

Look at players like Russell Westbrook and Marshawn Lynch, who basically don’t speak to the media in attempt to avoid their statements being misconstrued. Can we blame the reporters? In our current day and age, it’s what the people want. That’s entertainment¬† and they have to meet a quota. At the end of the day, both the athletes and the media have to produce in order to get that check at the end of the week.