Veganism Synthesis

As I have began researching veganism and topics that pertain to it, I have found a valuable article named “The Differences Between Being a Healthy Vegan and an Unhealthy Vegan” published by “One Green Planet,” a website that promotes ways to improve societal impacts on the earth and environment. The article discusses how a vegan diet can be an extremely healthy lifestyle change for both the world and the individual. However, it also emphasizes that the diet can be unhealthy if a wide assortment of fruits, vegetables and other nutrient dense foods are not included. I agree with the arguments made about unhealthy vegans, and I feel that they give the lifestyle a bad reputation, making acceptance from society more difficult.

A second article that I found on the web was published by the “Nursing School Catalog,” a source referenced by nurses and doctors all around the world. This article was titled “57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan,” and provides a long list of the advantages that come with switching to a vegan diet composed of nutritional options. For example, because dairy and red meat are the main sources of saturated fats, vegans typically eat much less of them. As a result, they usually experience a decrease in cholesterol levels and a lower risk of heart disease. I like how this article clearly provides the benefits of veganism with research and studies to back up the claims.

Both of these articles talk about the healthiness of choosing to go vegan, and what the diet should consist of in order to maximize results and benefits. The article by “One Green Planet,” however, also discusses how the lifestyle can be unhealthy if the correct foods are not consumed. Eating white bread and sugars every meal may be considered vegan, but it certainly is not a smart idea for someone looking to improve their wellness. Instead, dieters must be conscious about the foods they choose to eat and be sure that they contain essential nutrients and vitamins that are necessary to survive.



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Why Millennials Have So Much Anxiety?

People tend to stereotype the millennials as the lazy, spoiled generation, but why when there’s so much more to them? People even dismiss their raised levels of anxiety as a result of too much technology; when in fact the reasoning delves much deeper. This generation was the first to be coming of age all the while being enveloped in social media when it took off, leading people not only continuously compare themselves to others, but to also greatly cut down face-to-face conversation, producing more anxiety. This anxiety stems from the uncertainty in with relationships and our ever changing environment and economy.

I picked this topic because in my History of American Education class we were discussing why our generation is plagued with anxiety. Some of the reasonings my classmates listed were social media, technology advancements making it easier to access information, expectations placed on our shoulders, and people becoming more aware of mental illnesses. When asked to choose a topic, I became curious as to what other reasons are out there and did some research.


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Introduction to Net Neutrality

After having some thoughts about what I should write about for this semester, I have chosen a topic that I am very passionate about which is the Net Neutrality laws. The Net Neutrality laws imply that the whole all Americans should have an equal and open internet which allows for equal internet speeds prices from the Internet Service Providers (ISP). This law has allowed us, the users of the internet, to use the internet with fair internet speed and the freedom to roam any website. But recently, on December 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission had passed the plan of Arjit Pai to repeal the the Net Neutrality laws. Without these laws, our internet will not be the same as our ISP’s will have the higher control on what websites we will be using and on how fast we will be able to use our internet. The reason I am most interested in this topic is because I can not imagine the internet without the same equality of speed and freedom that we already have. We already have to pay a lot for using the internet but now, we may even have to pay double or even TRIPLE the amount for the same speed of internet we would be using now. All in all, I feel against the fact that the Net Neutrality laws have been repealed and I will have a great time to express my feelings in the upcoming paper.

Read more on what will happen to the internet after the law is taken away.


Body Image and Social Media

I’ve always had a big interest in the way social media affects how people feel about themselves for the better and worse, specifically teenage girls. There’s always pressure to look a certain way on social media and an urge to get others approval of your life. Even though social media can help girls feel good about their self esteem and their bodies, theres a fine line between getting a “like” on a picture and being ranked why followers and friends and a lot of the time, strangers. I think what’s interesting about social media and specifically whats popular today which is Instagram, is that people can portray themselves to look like they have a happy life and to look anyway they want. There’s a certain rush someone can get or a temporary high one can feel when getting a lot of likes on a selfie for example. This is when girls can get addicted to social media and depends on getting others approval to feel good about themselves. Coming down from this temporary high of getting a lot of likes can also make girls depressed when they don’t get as many likes. This can cause girls to feel ugly or not good enough. Also on Instagram, looking at models who are photoshopped with plastic surgery can cause body image issues for young girls.This is where the problem of how much social media affects self esteem and body image lies.

I chose this specific topic because I have a friend who is obsessed with social media and the way she looks on Instagram to others. After I stepped back and looked at how many ways it’s brought depression to her life is amazing to me and I think super interesting. I also want to shed light on how much Instagram isn’t like the real world and also how Instagram model’s are an unrealistic expectation in society that I think is ridiculous to try to become.

End of Semester Recap: Diversity in Media

fastfurious2A) My Topic: My topic for this semester was the lack of diversity representation in Hollywood, whether it be in movies or television, and how it has an effect in both the audience that are watching movies and TV and POC’s that want to break into Hollywood,

B) My Essays: The three essays that I wrote were a definition paper, a cause and effect paper, & a proposal paper. My definition paper was created in order to explain what this problem with diversity was because it’s something that has only recently been brought up in the news even though it’s been a problem for years.I also added in some examples of whitewashing and white actor’s playing other races. My cause and effect paper showed how the diversity problem has an effect on the audience that it’s trying to target and POC’s trying to make a name for themselves in Hollywood. My proposal paper gave some suggestion of how we can ultimately make Hollywood more inclusive and I added in some works that are helping to create inclusion, like Hamilton and Star Wars.

C) Research Method: Before I started my research, I already had some background on the topic being someone that loves movies and kept seeing the common trend of the “token black friend” in shows growing up. When I first started to do my research, I couldn’t find anything on the school’s library database. So, I did the majority of my research on google. A YouTube video from John Oliver’s HBO television show had an segment about whitewashing that helped with the definition paper. For the cause and effect paper, I found a study done by a professor at UCLA that gave me more information about diversity in Hollywood. For the proposal paper, I found another YouTube video by an up and coming actor named Edward Zo on his own experiences with going to auditions and casting calls as a minority and it helped me think of solutions.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

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D) Final Details/Observation: I already had a strong opinion about this topic before I started writing, but after writing about this topic I have learned a lot more and now want to do something to make Hollywood more inclusive. I now exactly why Hollywood is the way it is and I hope my writing motivates others to make a change.

Casual Argument Behind Diversity in Media

For my second essay, I plan to write a casual essay to follow up on my topic, Diversity in Media. My topic has been a problem a long time but has only been recently discussed, so I would like to know the reason for the lack of diversity and what effects it has on the audience their presenting to and the actors that are looking for jobs. I will also try to bring some insight to how old Hollywood is partially the cause for the problem we have today and how we can find change. The cause would be Hollywood’s deeply rooted favoring of white actors and effect would be the lack of representation of both the audience and other actors.

Since there probably isn’t a clear answer to why there is a lack of diversity in media, I will most likely make speculations about the possible causes and talk about the possible chain of events that lead to the problem that we have today. I will also try to add in statistical data on my topic.

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Is Lack of Diversity a Big Deal?

john-boyega-star-wars-episode-7In this article from Huffington Post, it talks about whitewashing movie roles that were originally written for a minority in mind. They state that this has been happening for years ever since Hollywood started to make movies. They talk about how in the early days of movies, white actors would play the roles of Latinos and Asians and would even get praise for their performances. It wasn’t until after the 1960’s that this stopped due to immense criticism. Now, in modern times, we instead just rewrite the story to fit a white lead. For example, the movie 21 was inspired book Bringing Down the House, a story of  an MIT Blackjack Team. The main difference between the two is that the book and the movie is that the book says that the majority of the team was Asian but in the movie the team was all white. The article ends by stating that because this still happens today, Hollywood has a white bias.

In this article by LA Times, they state that the lack of minority representation is creating an “epidemic of invisibility” for POC’s (people of color). There was a study that showed if you look at major entertainment studios, like Walt Disney Co. and 20th Century Fox, only around 28% of speaking roles were people of color, which isn’t a surprise because they also stated that when behind the scenes, 85%of directors and 71% of screenwriters were white males.The article ends by stating that even though the film industry has their problems, TV shows are becoming more diverse with programming like “blackish” and “Fresh of the Boat”.

This video from John Oliver also gives another perspective on Hollywood whitewashing and why it it still a thing. It talks about the recent trend of all white nominees at the Oscars for the second year in a row and states that years ago white people got awards and praise for their portrayal of minorities. It also states when a minority actor finally gets a lead role, sometimes a role that was originally written for a white actor, people were outraged and openly shared their criticism for the casting choice. The video also talks about putting white people in the foreground when the story is most about people of color, for example, Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai and Emma Stone in The Help. The video ends by stating that when you say that their aren’t enough roles for actors of color, just remember we gave award for white people who played minorities.

Even though all three sources give some insight on this topic, they all had different ways of expressing their insight. One of the sources gives evidence that the problem isn’t a new trend but has happened for years. Another source gave factual information and while giving negative comments to the film industry , it also gave praise to television for being more diverse. The last source gave us more examples of why the lack of diversity is prevalent and even though minority actors get lead roles, sometimes they don’t get as much praise as their white counterparts. I believe that all three sources give valuable information and I think this the information that is presented, I can make it easier to give more of a factual response on this topic rather than a biased one.

Is Social Media Hurting Society

If I asked an entire classroom full of college students who had any social media accounts, I can guarantee that most of them would raise their hands. Going beyond that, most of those students would probably check yes to having multiple accounts as well. Our entire generation is the social networking generation. Everything we do is behind a screen. Social media gives us a way communicate quickly and efficiently with one another. I am the first one to admit, I’m on my phone all of the time. I constantly refresh my Twitter feed and Instagram is pretty much my life. Like most people my age, I view my accounts as a representation of who I am. But how much is too much?

Yes having access to everything at your fingertips is great, but there are some serious drawbacks to the way our generation perceives life with social media now. We’re losing sight of who we are as people and instead creating fake (edited) bubbles behind screens. Face to face confrontation is a way of the past. Instead, “subtweeting” is a way to rip someone to shreds while involving other irrelevant parties. Guys and girls don’t ask each other out on dates anymore. Instead, we “DM” each other which turns into “talking”; the fancy way of saying you don’t want to commit. Going even further than that, our confidence level is based off of the amount of likes we get on a photo! Taking a step back, that sounds ridiculous, but it’s the truth.So yes, social media can be beneficial at times, but I truly believe it’s hurting our generation more than we think.


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