End of Semester Recap about Self/Body Image and Social Media

My Topic: My topic touched on what self and body image are and ways they are affected by social media.

My Essays: In my definition essay I mostly talked about what self and body image were and also what social media is. I discussed of all of the ways social media has been affecting the human population and how bad it’s really getting. I discussed the severity of  those who are becoming anti-social due to social media. I too included the lengths that some of these people have gone to, to be “perfect”. In my causal essay I mostly talked about  how one simple thing led to many other things. From seeing a post that made you insecure to taking it to the great lengths of not eating to try and look like her, be thin like her, just be like her… Nearly twenty million women and ten million men will experience an eating disorder at some point in their life, and social media has had a huge increase on those numbers. In my proposal essay I left the reader with a task, to try and be more confident and to start loving themselves. I gave ways these tasks can be accomplished and the simple way to start, you have to want to. Take the leap of faith and trust yourself and all of your self love will fall right into place.

My Research Methods: When researching for my topic I often was going somewhere in my essay and knew something could fit right in, so I’d search until I found that IT I was looking for. I often needed data to show how large some of my numbers truly were so I would go through many websites finding the most reliable source and one that seemed to agree with many others. I also used a lot of personal experience in my essay’s. Some came from friends, some from family, and some from myself. I also used my personal twitter account as a source. I left open polls up and asked for all of my friends, family, or even strangers to answer as honestly as possible. The numbers I found were relative to what I expected, but the clarification was needed. I found myself also stumbling along a lot of personal story websites. When I was getting in depth about body image and eating disorders, often times survivors post about their traumatic times in the hopes of helping someone else struggling. These were very beneficial and helped a lot with the pathos in my essays.







Final Details/Observation: I thought I knew a lot about this topic going into it, but I learned so much more than I expected to. There is so much more information coming out every single day and the numbers just keep growing. I never knew how many of us were going to experience an eating disorder or know someone going through one in our life time, four out of ten, that is almost half of us. Not only did I learn a lot about my topic but I learned a lot about myself and I think that’s awesome that I could get that out of doing this. I never realized how much time I spend on social media until writing these essays. I never realized how much I beat myself up over little things that shouldn’t even matter! I learned a lot and am very excited to see where I go and how I grow through this experience. Self and Body Image is nearly controlled by social media, because it is the biggest influence there is. Something I would like to see change in the future is our use of social media and the level of control it has over us. I want to be able to see genuine happy people without their social media applications in hand. I want to see a more positive generation, with more confidence and a whole lot more self love.

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Blog Post #6 – End of Semester Recap about Media Corruption


My Topic: My original topic for this semester was Media in American Politics. Through my topic I planned to cover categories such as the history of media in politics such as yellow journalism of the late 1800s, the role of media in politics, sources of media, interactions with the media, media bias, and manipulation of the media. Although I did cover a lot of these topics, I found that my essays were more about the negative effects of media corruption on the American people than on politics itself.

My Essays: My first essay was a definition piece with a historical proponent about media corruption. My second essay was a rebuttal piece where I analyzed social media’s role in journalism and argued that social media is hurting journalism. My third essay was a proposal piece about how the media is corrupted and how to stop the corruption within media, as well as our role in media corruption.

My Research Methods: My research process for each essay was very similar. I would begin my writing process with a rough outline and then look for articles based on what topics I wanted to write about for my essays.  I found articles, usually opinion articles, to be most useful when it came to supporting my ideas as they had elevated thoughts that reflected that of my own. 







Final Details/Observation: Looking back at my research throughout the semester, I have found that I have learned a lot about media corruption. I think I strayed away from my original topic of focusing on how media corruption affects politics, but nonetheless, I feel that I have learned a lot. From the research, I have found that media corruption is quite prevalent and also extremely obvious. I discovered that political bias is the most common form of media manipulation as it is present in almost every news outlet out there and is corrupting the news they produce. I don’t think my perspective about media bias changed. I still believe it is bad for the American people and negatively affects their ideas about politics. In the future, I hope to see a world full of media based more on fact than opinion.

Visual Argument

As I thought of an image I could use to help represent my topic, I thought of an image from a tv show. However this image was not exactly what I was looking for, so I created my own. While creating this image I had the assistance of my roommates who helped to cover my body in harmful and hurtful words myself and others have been called throughout their lives. Words that we seen thrown around everyday on social platforms and in person. In the first photo my body is covered in these hurtful words such as fat, ugly, stupid, etc. Words that cause pain and suffering to those who have heard them being used against/towards them. These words are too what we call ourselves, we are not good enough, we are lazy, we’re cowards and failures. We call ourselves these things in the sight of we are not what others are. We are not as skinny as her, we are not as smart as him, we don’t have the motivation like she does, etc. We beat ourselves up and over what? A stupid post we may have seen online?

The second picture I created was of a happy, smiling, and confident girl. Even as I took these photos I was not as happy and confident as I was pretending to be. But it’s all about putting yourself out there for you and not others. So I decided to not care about what others were going to think and include this second photo for myself. This second photo represents what I want all of us to be able to post and be confident with. An unedited, raw image of who I am and what I truly look like. We get so wrapped up in social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We edit our Instagram photos with filters and may even use outside apps. We post tweets about how sad we are and how much we hate life and those are our “outlets”. But what does tweeting about it do for us? Nothing. I hope these images give an insight look to what our past represents and what our future can hold if we all take a step in the right direction towards happiness, confidence, and self love.

Blog Post #5 – Visual Argument

Related image
Source: http://www.sahih.nl/media-framing/

The image above depicts a cameraman, representing the media, not showing the full picture of an event and therefore changing what actually occurred. In the background, one can see a man being chased by another man with a knife both covered by a shadow. Looking at the cameraman’s screen however, one sees a different story. Instead, the roles are reversed and the running man’s foot is made out to be a knife. The background is beige which is very plain. This is most likely because the author wanted people to focus solely on the cartoon. By looking at the cartoon as a whole, one can see that the media is manipulating this event.

The argument the author is trying to make is that the news is not always truthful. They use manipulation tactics, some that I write about in my first essay, such as political bias and sensationalism, both which warp the truth. The media has the power to determine who is right and who is wrong. They have the power to show the full story, but it is their choice. It is a choice that one hopes falls in line with the truth, but as seen with the cartoon, that may not always be the case. By using a zoomed frame, a entirely new story can be blasted around the world without anyone knowing any different. The media is seen by millions are the world and needs to be telling the people the truth, not a fabricated version of what they want to be the truth.

The media’s role has often been referred to as the ‘gatekeeper’. As the gatekeeper of information, it is the media’s job to sort through what is crucial for the public to know and what may not be as crucial as well as provide the public with the truth. When lines are crossed and the media picks and chooses what they consider to be the truth, the public suffers. The corruption of media is so detrimental to not only politics but to the American people as a whole. This image supports my idea as it shows how easily the media can be manipulated. With the use of a tighter camera frame, the story is completely changed as well as perceptions about this event.

Visual Argument


Can we successfully compose an argument without words?

I think so, and although my visual argument for this assignment has words, I think a similar message could have been conveyed with the image I made. With just using the context clues and the thumbs up hands, the one viewing the image would understand that whatever this is, is good – at the very basic level. For my image, I was more focused on the idea that people should do their research – marijuana is an outlet that can do a lot of good, but has done so much bad, and those people who do not believe there are benefits may have just not done enough research.

I specifically hoped this image would target millennial’s, considering this generation is much more in-tune with the racial injustices faced everyday and what these injustices can do to someone or to an entire group. Legalization could change the fabric of America, taking what was once considered a schedule 1 substance, learning more about it, analyze it and then understand that this drug has much more to offer now than it did, and its medicinal qualities are just one of the many benefits it has. It could boost and change he economy, creating jobs and boosting revenue, allowing for more educational outreach in different cities. It could change prison reform and the way that Americans view the high minority incarceration rates for petty drug crimes.

Interactive Student Polling: Social Media and its affects on our Self/Body Image

Blog Post #4 – Media Poll

Blog Post #3 – Prewrite Essay

For my argumentative essay, I plan on writing a rebuttal essay. I found the rebuttal approach to be most appropriate for my second essay as there is much to dispute when it comes to media manipulation. My topic is one that is not always highly discussed like other mainstream topics. I think by using the rebuttal approach for my essay, I will be able to provide readers with a new outlook on media bias and how it directly affects them.

In my first essay, the definition essay, I discussed the evolution of media starting from word of mouth to today as well as defined media manipulation. To avoid too much repetition in my second essay, I plan on comparing different types of media as well as addressing the accessibility and reliability of those sources. To begin my rewrite, I am going to look for an article that dismisses the idea of a political bias within the news or an article dismissing the idea that accessibility plays a role in people’s ideas and disprove that. I want my readers to know that there is a bias present in the media and that the bias present is a type of manipulation that is negatively affecting politics.


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Here are some links that I felt gave insight to media bias:






Blog Post #3- Pre-write & Research Update

Due to my topic being one thing that affects another, I believe the best choice of argument to use is causal. By using a causal approach I will be able to explain how one thing on social media leads to us lowering our self esteem. Our self esteem leads to us taking control of our body image, which may not be in a positive way. Running our self and body image will lead to other tings like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc. By a simple post on Instagram this has all occurred before and will most likely continue to do so until we make a change.


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I plan to focus more so on actual events that have happened and taken place to show the realness of this topic. Show how these social media posts did in fact cause men and women to lower their self esteems, to want to change their body image so bad. They resort to not eating, over exercising, or even purging. By making this more real for people, by including those who have admitted how badly they’ve been affected, it will help to bring light to the realness of this issue. When people can connect and feel the pain and suffering someone has gone through or is going through it’s natural for us to want to help. By limiting social media usage and the editing and the “perfect” labels we will hopefully be able to get started. We’ve got a Lon way to go but with every step we fight back, the closer we get to helping these people. Step by step we get worse and more sucked in, but step by step we will break free of the grasp social platforms have over us.