Technology on the children

It seems like our lives have been slowly taken over by technology. Less people communicate face to face. Many things could be done or simplify with the help of technology. Is it a benefit or a harm to the person, especially to the developing children? So, my research topic for this semester is about the technology (e.g. computers, smartphones, television, etc.), and its impact on kids. With the text/media language, proper writing and communication with others may be influenced.

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Blog Post #1 – Media in American Politics

My topic for this semester is Media in American Politics. This topic covers categories such as the history of media in politics such as yellow journalism of the late 1800s, the role of media in politics, sources of media, interactions with the media, media bias, and manipulation of the media.


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I am interested in this topic because the media is a tool that affects all Americans as it is accessible to most Americans and shapes their political views. The media is greatly manipulated and biased which directly affects our view of politics. Can we trust the news that is presented to us through the media? Media is also always evolving, it is no longer accessible just through the television. With the technology we have today, the way we receive news has completely changed, it has become accessible at our finger tips.


Facebook a Top Source of Political News Among Web Users
Image From Pew Research Center


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Check out your favorite news source, which was does it lean?

Check the Political Bias of Any Media Site in This Massive Database media site political bias chart
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Test Blog Post #1

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One of today’s largest issues in society is social media and the effects it has on us. The way it is making us view ourselves and view others. The pictures of happy faces and skinny models is leading girls to starve themselves. Or the photo of the young man with his muscle tank top on in the gym, causing young men to be self conscious and so unhappy with themselves. The media has us right under their fingers and can do whatever they please, not thinking of all the effects they’re causing while expanding their market. I am interested in writing about Self/Body Image and Social Medias effects on it because we see how effected people are by this everyday, even some we may know, even ourselves. When young girls are worrying about how many likes they’re getting on their Instagram pictures and how boys are worried about their lift weights compared to everyone else’s, and will stop at nothing to surpass them, this is how we know the problem is past the point of avoiding.

Veganism Synthesis

As I have began researching veganism and topics that pertain to it, I have found a valuable article named “The Differences Between Being a Healthy Vegan and an Unhealthy Vegan” published by “One Green Planet,” a website that promotes ways to improve societal impacts on the earth and environment. The article discusses how a vegan diet can be an extremely healthy lifestyle change for both the world and the individual. However, it also emphasizes that the diet can be unhealthy if a wide assortment of fruits, vegetables and other nutrient dense foods are not included. I agree with the arguments made about unhealthy vegans, and I feel that they give the lifestyle a bad reputation, making acceptance from society more difficult.

A second article that I found on the web was published by the “Nursing School Catalog,” a source referenced by nurses and doctors all around the world. This article was titled “57 Health Benefits of Going Vegan,” and provides a long list of the advantages that come with switching to a vegan diet composed of nutritional options. For example, because dairy and red meat are the main sources of saturated fats, vegans typically eat much less of them. As a result, they usually experience a decrease in cholesterol levels and a lower risk of heart disease. I like how this article clearly provides the benefits of veganism with research and studies to back up the claims.

Both of these articles talk about the healthiness of choosing to go vegan, and what the diet should consist of in order to maximize results and benefits. The article by “One Green Planet,” however, also discusses how the lifestyle can be unhealthy if the correct foods are not consumed. Eating white bread and sugars every meal may be considered vegan, but it certainly is not a smart idea for someone looking to improve their wellness. Instead, dieters must be conscious about the foods they choose to eat and be sure that they contain essential nutrients and vitamins that are necessary to survive.



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Why Millennials Have So Much Anxiety?

People tend to stereotype the millennials as the lazy, spoiled generation, but why when there’s so much more to them? People even dismiss their raised levels of anxiety as a result of too much technology; when in fact the reasoning delves much deeper. This generation was the first to be coming of age all the while being enveloped in social media when it took off, leading people not only continuously compare themselves to others, but to also greatly cut down face-to-face conversation, producing more anxiety. This anxiety stems from the uncertainty in with relationships and our ever changing environment and economy.

I picked this topic because in my History of American Education class we were discussing why our generation is plagued with anxiety. Some of the reasonings my classmates listed were social media, technology advancements making it easier to access information, expectations placed on our shoulders, and people becoming more aware of mental illnesses. When asked to choose a topic, I became curious as to what other reasons are out there and did some research.


Maguire, Andrew. “Millennials Are An Anxious Generation, And This Is Why.”,

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Introduction to Net Neutrality

After having some thoughts about what I should write about for this semester, I have chosen a topic that I am very passionate about which is the Net Neutrality laws. The Net Neutrality laws imply that the whole all Americans should have an equal and open internet which allows for equal internet speeds prices from the Internet Service Providers (ISP). This law has allowed us, the users of the internet, to use the internet with fair internet speed and the freedom to roam any website. But recently, on December 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission had passed the plan of Arjit Pai to repeal the the Net Neutrality laws. Without these laws, our internet will not be the same as our ISP’s will have the higher control on what websites we will be using and on how fast we will be able to use our internet. The reason I am most interested in this topic is because I can not imagine the internet without the same equality of speed and freedom that we already have. We already have to pay a lot for using the internet but now, we may even have to pay double or even TRIPLE the amount for the same speed of internet we would be using now. All in all, I feel against the fact that the Net Neutrality laws have been repealed and I will have a great time to express my feelings in the upcoming paper.

Read more on what will happen to the internet after the law is taken away.