End of Semester Recap About Standardized Testing


My Topic: My topic throughout this semester was about the overall ineffectiveness of standardized tests. My topic included the impact that standardized tests have on students, teachers, and school districts from middle school levels to the the college level.

My Essays: My first essay was a definition essay where I decided to touch on the extensive history and current implementation of standardized testing. Based on this information I then described how these specified topic affected modern-day students, teachers, and schools in the United States. I decided to write a definition essay in this manner because most people truly do not understand the true meaning of a standardized test, despite having to take them in their daily lives.

My second essay was a rebuttal essay that sought to provide an argument against Nathan Kuncel and Paul Sackett of the Wall Street Journal’s “The Truth About the SAT and ACT.” I made the claims that standardized testing has no true connection to real-world success, common alternatives such as letters of recommendation and interviews remain useful, and the tests create a divide between socioeconomic classes. I found each of these claims to be important because the author’s of the article provided loosely developed information that was very misleading to both students and educators alike.

My last essay was a proposal essay where I was finally able to provide a possible solution to the problem that I have extensively wrote about throughout the semester. My proposal would allow the U.S. federal government to enact a law to regulate colleges and institutions of higher learning which receive funding from the taxpayers. These institutions would have to remove the standardized testing requirement for admissions and instead implement a whole-person approach to select their applicants. My thought behind writing this was that no student should be so heavily judged by a single score that is ineffective in selecting applicants when they could have so much more to offer.

My Research Methods: After our initial database assignment in this class, I was able to find a large amount of articles and journals on my topic. I found it easy to enter specific keywords regarding my essay’s thesis into the ProQuest database. Outside of the database I often looked for credible articles on the web including the Wall Street Journal, official college websites, and the National Education Association. These articles were extremely helpful in providing the different information, evidence, and studies that were needed to back up my claims. Another important research method was speaking to fellow classmates on the topic of standardized testing. It was easy for me to understand and a gain a new perspective that my topic plays a role not just in my life but in the lives of other college students.

Sources: Some essential articles that helped pave the way for my research are shown below:




Final Details/Observations: Beginning this semester, I really did not understand all the ins and outs regarding the role standardized tests play in our society. As a student I only knew that I was required to take them throughout my educational career and the general notion was that you have to perform well on them to be successful. After this semester and the variety of research I sought out, I found that standardized tests are a truly controversial topic. My eyes were opened to a unique perspective where states and colleges alike are joining the trend to remove standardized testing requirements. I found that my topic is extremely widespread and the problems present in the United States are actually shared on a global scale. I personally feel that students are unique and a standardized test should not define their diversity. and their abilities.




Test blog post #1

I have chosen to write about the student loan dilemma and the necessity for the reform of the education system. The ability of the government to provide massive loans to students has allowed for universities to consistently raise their cost of attendance without worry of students being unable to pay and therefore not attend. Also, changes in the law since 1978 have made all student loans completely non-forgivable in all but the most dire circumstances. Due to the crippling debt that this generation of college students are being forced into, their personal lives are being put on hold while they deal with the persistent, high payments on their loans. More information can be found here.

One proposal that I plan on looking into is the reallocation of monetary resources by the government to secondary schools as opposed to student loans. By transferring this money to secondary schools, the general populace of students pursuing college will become stronger students. Also, without the safety vest of the guaranteed loans given to students to pay for college, universities will be forced into making their institutions cheaper for the students and reduce the burden of the debt upon them.

Check out this political cartoon involving the test culture of school.

Test Blog Post #1


My topic for this semester is how standardized testing should not be a factor when considering and assessing a student’s abilities. I am interested in this topic because throughout middle school, high school, and in higher educational settings students will have to take standardized tests. There remains an argument as to whether standardized tests are truly valuable to determine a student’s future abilities. Standardized tests are used to assess specific areas, and their results typically disregard diversity, creativity, and student’s outside strengths.

A student may have expansive knowledge on a certain subject, but continue to fall short because their knowledge is not reflected on a standardized test. Since standardized testing plays such a large role in education, these tests have changed the way teachers teach in the classroom. Successful students may miss out on opportunities to attend higher education institutions. People from lower socio-economic backgrounds also do not have the means to prepare for standardized tests, making them continually left without opportunities to advance. Based on many of these arguments, a new college trend has started to make standardized testing optional in their admissions. Overall, Standardized testing has a wide range of consequences for students, teachers, schools, and employers around the globe.



https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2016/11/17/teacher-why-we-dont-need-a-single-standardized-test/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.df8ea596e658Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 5.55.01 PM


Recap on College Tuition

My Topic: My topic was on the constant rise of college tuition, the politics behind it, and how to resolve it. I focused on four year colleges and their expensive tuition costs that hurt students who wish to obtain their degrees.

My Essays: My first essay was a definitional argument where I explained the current tuition crisis in the United States and how it came to be. I explained where most of the money goes into, which is libraries, academics, and facilities. I also included that tuition is not the only thing that students pay for, they also pay for housing, meal plans, parking, etc. In my second essay I proposed solutions for lowering college tuition in the U.S. I said that one of the best ways to reduce students debt is to cut interest rates on student loans. Tuition is already high, for moderate schools tuition is most likely $20,000 or more. For most students they are paying more than that because the interest rates on their loans are 8%. My third essay was a narrative paper about how myself and my peers handle the price of our education. I talked about how scholarships don’t come around enough to really help with one’s tuition. Also, aid and grants do not put a dent in the costs either.

My Research: For my research, I mostly used pro quest. The database gave me access to hundreds of academic journals on the subject in which I learned more about the subject than I ever thought I would. I got in depth about the politics in the matter and about what the government wanted to do about the situation. I also used newspaper websites like the Huffington Post for my research on tuition where I also viewed others personal opinions on the subject. I researched my topic about once a week, it was enough where I had all the information I needed on my subject.

Sources: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/04/student-tuition-public-colleges-gao_n_6411998.html



Final Details/Observation: I learned that college is a business like anything else, and is affected by the economy. The demand for college has been going up for several decades which leads to the increase in tuition. I also learned that politicians are trying to create crafty plans to lower tuition, even if it means penalizing the college for charging too much.



College Tuition: Synthesis Blog Post

One of my sources that I plan on using in my research is an article called Tuition: College Tuition; The Shattering Explosion, found on proquest. The article explains how American colleges are commended for their accountability and quality of education, but they must be made more affordable. The article notes many politicians have taken notice of the issue and pledge to put a halt to the constantly increasing costs. The obstacle these politicians are facing is how to keep the costs in line and prevent a constant rise in tuition. I bel22856641_SAieve this is a great article to include in my paper because it clearly explains what is trying to be done to resolve the issue. But the question left is, how can politicians control the tuition and can they gain enough support to pass legislature?

The second source that I found will have a specific role in my research assignment. The article I found on proquest called College Tuition: [Sports Final, C Edition] will serve as an explanation to why tuition seems to be increasing over the years. This article will give me enough information to support my argument against rising tuition costs. The article describes the decrease in education funding and where the missing funds are being compensated from.




First Blog Post: Research Proposal


For my research topic I chose to write about Social Networking. There is a lot of controversy around the world about whether social networking is good or bad. Some may say it’s bad because it distracts students from learning, and it decreases their test scores. Others say it actually helps students academically for things such as researching and finding information. I’m interested in this topic because social networking is something I do everyday whether it’s for school purposes or communicating with friends and family.

Many people use Social Networking to find jobs and many opportunities, coaches may use it to look at film for a potential player on their team. All in all there are many different reasons people can use social networking no matter if people find it to be good or bad. These are things I will be researching for my topic how it may or may not be useful/helpful.

College Tuition

The topic I chose to write about is high tuition and the constant increase in tuition over the past decades. The issue here is that tuition has reached a price where students can’t afford to attend the school they want to go to, or they accumulate debt that stays with them for most of their lives. I’m interested in this topic because it is something that affects myself and the people around me, it is something that I can relate to easily. It is a current issue that affects millions in the United States that conflicts with the education system and the amount of teens going to college.

http://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=76college tuition graph