What is the Best Parenting Style?

When someone becomes a parent they usually always want to do good for their child. Parents wonder, What is the best way to raise my child while also having a healthy relationship with them that will shape them to the best of their ability for the real world? Parents never really understand the full effect that everything they do and teach their child has on the child. The true power of influence a parent has to their child is greatly dependent on their parenting style.

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There are many types of parenting styles. The three main types are permissive, assertive, and aggressive. What I will be doing throughout my research is to unfold and argue which parenting style is the best. This is very interesting to me because I plan to one day become a parent and find researching and writing about this topic to be good for me to learn all of the parenting styles so that I know which is best I feel is best for my kid.



Should there be nutritional standards in schools?

My topic for my research essay is the importance of nutritional standards in the school systems. Throughout my 12 years in education, my school only provided one health class which focused only on sex and fitness. Although such subjects were important to teach, as of today I’m still surprised that nutrition wasn’t given much importance. The cafeteria menus consisted on high- processed foods such as pizza, cookies, chips, candy, sodas and other unhealthy meals. No wonder the students lacked energy and concentration. Today, we live in a world where people are becoming more health conscious and making better decisions in regards to what they eat. Restaurants, hospitals, universities, fast food and other organizations are taking the necessary steps to provide the public with healthier food options. However, most schools still haven’t emphasized and implemented nutrition programs in classrooms and cafeterias to better enhance children’s lives. We shouldn’t forget how school meals impact a student and their lives. Our children’s health is critical to our future.

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