Visual Argument


In this advertisement, a visual argument is formed to raise awareness on the commonly discarded notion that children, and people in general, are judged based on society’s ideals of gender. The poster is split into two so that each gender can represent one half. The characteristics that society normally attributes to females was displayed on the side of the poster that represented males and the characteristics that society normally attributes to males was displayed on the side of the poster that represented females. This reversal in gender stereotypes was done to show how normally when someone sees those characteristics, they automatically assume a specific gender, which is harmful because it perpetuates gender stereotypes and therefore gender-based discrimination. The male side of the poster had a background of pink, a feminine color, was written with very curvy and loopy lettering, which is attributed to females, and was covered with words and pictures that are considered feminine, such as make up or bows. The female side of the poster had a background of blue, a masculine color, was written with letters that had no curves or loops, and was covered with words and pictures that are considered masculine, such as video games and sports.

This argument was created to raise awareness on the topic of gender stereotypes and discrimination. Since this type of discrimination is taught very early on, people tend to normalize it by saying that both genders are vastly different from each other and that they deserve to be treated differently. Unfortunately, this also means that children are treated differently and often discouraged from liking a certain item from fear that it will make them seem more like the other gender. While, gender discrimination has no actual basis in today’s society, it still exists in common society. This visual argument was just a way to bring more attention to the topic of gender discrimination.

Visual Argument

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We can tell that this image most likely has to do with education.  This is most likely the case because in the picture the artists uses animals to depict what can be thought of as students and a single person asking the animals that they all have to climb the tree in order for the exam to be fair which could be thought of as the teacher.  I believe that the message that the image is trying to convey is that when it comes to education not every student should be thought of being capable of doing what everyone else can.  The picture could have a number of intended audiences, for one it could be for the students that have to go through tests like this, the teachers that design their test’s expecting every one is capable of being able to do it, or the politicians that are responsible for creating standardized tests that measure students from various schools and attempts to put them all at the same standard.  Personally I think this image is targeted more towards the last reason because standardized test are the usual target for scrutiny.  The way in which this is very relatable to my topic is that my topic has to do with how the education system of today is very ineffective and not fair to students.  in my essays I even made a point very similar to the message of this image in that schools throw a bunch of kids that have no commonalities other than age in a classroom teach them all the same things and then grade them as though the all should be capable of doing just as well as each other.  So this image does very well in relating to my topic by demonstrating memorable visuals and a clear message to its audience some of the aspects of the education system that are unfair.

Blog # 3 – Causal for mobile tech

I planned to create a causal argumentative essay for the essay #2. Within my general topic, the effect of technology, I would consider the causes or consequences of trends related to the topic. I would focus on some specific topic, such as how technology influences the communication, especially the social skills in teenagers, or how the education system is affected by technology. I would try my best to avoid any kind of logical fallacies in the reasoning. I would judge on whether the benefit of technology outweighs the costs (negative effects) or not. I would look for sources and point of views from multiple aspects, such as parents, teachers, people who uses technology a lot and those who doesn’t.


For the pre-writing approach, I used to outline what I want to say on paper and organize them into the cause-and-effect chain if possible. Then, I’m freewriting whatever comes to my mind around the outlined list I have. Next, I add source in between to support my argument and make a connection to it.


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Technology on the children

It seems like our lives have been slowly taken over by technology. Less people communicate face to face. Many things could be done or simplify with the help of technology. Is it a benefit or a harm to the person, especially to the developing children? So, my research topic for this semester is about the technology (e.g. computers, smartphones, television, etc.), and its impact on kids. With the text/media language, proper writing and communication with others may be influenced.

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Test Blog Post #1

Do you know how different a school from the 19th century and a school today are?  Well maybe the buildings have changed, methods have changed, and technology has changed but the overall structure has not changed.  You place a bunch of kids in one room, teach them the classes that are generally considered the most important and then grade them all the same by one common standard.  The most important aspects of what a school should be like are lacking today.  The things many schools are lacking are promoting a rich social environment where kids are free to develop their creativity and collaboration,  as well as develop individual learning where they can actually figure out what they want to do and who they really are as a person instead of treating them like a robot and expecting them to be as good as everyone else at the general education classes.


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My topic for this year is on education, what it is lacking, how it can be fixed and why it is a very important issue.  I feel Like a I really want to write about this because now that I have gotten through my public education I find myself looking back on how things could have been so much better.  At least in my personal experience I think that although the schools I went met the standards on teaching classes like math and English they were severely lacking in really anything else.  I know there are some schools that do focus on providing students with glimpses at what career paths they can take, however I believe they are overwhelmingly in the minority.  So I would like to delve into the facts about the education system and study in what ways it could be better because the world is going to be in the hands of the next generation of students and I believe should be taught in the best way possible.

How Should We Rebuild the U.S. Education System?

What is the Best Parenting Style?

When someone becomes a parent they usually always want to do good for their child. Parents wonder, What is the best way to raise my child while also having a healthy relationship with them that will shape them to the best of their ability for the real world? Parents never really understand the full effect that everything they do and teach their child has on the child. The true power of influence a parent has to their child is greatly dependent on their parenting style.

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There are many types of parenting styles. The three main types are permissive, assertive, and aggressive. What I will be doing throughout my research is to unfold and argue which parenting style is the best. This is very interesting to me because I plan to one day become a parent and find researching and writing about this topic to be good for me to learn all of the parenting styles so that I know which is best I feel is best for my kid.

Should there be nutritional standards in schools?

My topic for my research essay is the importance of nutritional standards in the school systems. Throughout my 12 years in education, my school only provided one health class which focused only on sex and fitness. Although such subjects were important to teach, as of today I’m still surprised that nutrition wasn’t given much importance. The cafeteria menus consisted on high- processed foods such as pizza, cookies, chips, candy, sodas and other unhealthy meals. No wonder the students lacked energy and concentration. Today, we live in a world where people are becoming more health conscious and making better decisions in regards to what they eat. Restaurants, hospitals, universities, fast food and other organizations are taking the necessary steps to provide the public with healthier food options. However, most schools still haven’t emphasized and implemented nutrition programs in classrooms and cafeterias to better enhance children’s lives. We shouldn’t forget how school meals impact a student and their lives. Our children’s health is critical to our future.

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