Body Image and Social Media

I’ve always had a big interest in the way social media affects how people feel about themselves for the better and worse, specifically teenage girls. There’s always pressure to look a certain way on social media and an urge to get others approval of your life. Even though social media can help girls feel good about their self esteem and their bodies, theres a fine line between getting a “like” on a picture and being ranked why followers and friends and a lot of the time, strangers. I think what’s interesting about social media and specifically whats popular today which is Instagram, is that people can portray themselves to look like they have a happy life and to look anyway they want. There’s a certain rush someone can get or a temporary high one can feel when getting a lot of likes on a selfie for example. This is when girls can get addicted to social media and depends on getting others approval to feel good about themselves. Coming down from this temporary high of getting a lot of likes can also make girls depressed when they don’t get as many likes. This can cause girls to feel ugly or not good enough. Also on Instagram, looking at models who are photoshopped with plastic surgery can cause body image issues for young girls.This is where the problem of how much social media affects self esteem and body image lies.

I chose this specific topic because I have a friend who is obsessed with social media and the way she looks on Instagram to others. After I stepped back and looked at how many ways it’s brought depression to her life is amazing to me and I think super interesting. I also want to shed light on how much Instagram isn’t like the real world and also how Instagram model’s are an unrealistic expectation in society that I think is ridiculous to try to become.