End of Semester Recap about Renewable Resources

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The topic I chose to research was renewable resources. While researching this topic I learned about fossil fuels and the pros and cons of every form of obtaining energy.

My first essay was an evaluative essay on the main types of renewable and a brief description of each. Also in this essay I wrote about the dangers of fossil fuels and the effect that renewable have on the economy. My second essay was a proposal essay, and in this essay I explored how wind energy could make an impact on the United States in the future. In this essay I also explored the findings of the “Wind Vision report”; a study conducted by the U.S. department of energy. In my last essay (essay #3) I wrote another proposal essay on geothermal energy. In this essay I discussed what the future of geothermal energy will look like and the technological advances that will occur as geothermal energy expands.

When I chose my writing topic of renewable energy, I knew nothing about. I did extensive research on this topic until I had a through understanding of all the renewable resources. When writing these essays I found myself looking up facts and statistics to help develop my essays. I also learned a lot about fossil fuels and how bad they are for the planet. The U.S. department of energy has a great website that had a lot of the same information as the scholarly sources I used. This website had information that I needed and the information was direct and easy to comprehend.



Throughout this course (CCII) I learned a plethora of information about renewable resources, fossil fuels, and the pros and cons of each. Solar, natural, wind, geothermal, hydro and tidal energy are all topics I have discussed in my three essays. Each renewable resource is different and has a specific way of gathering energy. Each renewable method needs to be located strategically so that they are the most efficient. My research didn’t change my opinion or perspective in any way but I did enjoy learning more about my topic. In the future I would like to see more renewable resources installed in the U.S. and eventually be 100% renewable.


Ideas for Essay #3

For essay three I plan to research a specific renewable resource that is currently not being used or maybe still under developed and research how it could benefit the US. This new renewable resource could possible be the missing link to making the switch to all renewable energy. Essay three is going to fall under the practical essay requirement and this essay will be discussing ways to implement the use of a specific renewable resource and the effects that it will have on the U.S.


This is one source that I might use in my researcher.  I have not read over the whole source yet but it discusses solar shingles and a variety of new ways to gather energy. I believe action needs to be taken to shy away from fossil fuels and the the way to do that is to invent new renewable resources.

Visual Argument


The picture above is the visual argument that I have created for my research topic. When designing this image I wanted it to be simple, easy to read, and I wanted the person observing it to remember three things; That wind energy is cheap, reliable and green! I believe that this simple image successfully composes an argument with only a very small amount of information. The text “Wind Energy” in this image is big and easy to read and at a quick glance you know exactly what your looking at. If you didn’t know exactly what wind energy was, my big hint was the wind turbine. I believed this was an important visual to have on the image to really get my point across. The words “cheep, reliable and green” are three ways that I would compare wind energy to the the most popular alternative, fossil fuels.

Peer Review

I would say my essay is about 1/3 percent completed. I have a lot of good information that I have researched, and I have  the majority of the body complete. One thing I don’t like about my essay is the introduction, as of right now the essay opens with a question but it still needs to be worked on. My writing process is very similar to the last essay.

My peer reviewer seemed to like and not have any problems reading my essay. He also noted that the introduction needed work.

Essay #2

For my second essay I plan to wright a causal essay. The purpose of my essay is to identify the pros and cons of switching from fossil fuels to renewables. Due to the fact that fossil fuels will not last forever, we as humans will eventually have to switch from mainly using fossil fuels to renewable energy. In this essay I will be conducting research regarding what energy will be like in the future; Will it be cheaper, safer?

My writing process for this essay will be similar to the last essay but not the same. For this essay I must stay focused on researching specific information and statistics appose to general information.


Annotated Bib

“Americans Use Many Types of Energy.” U.S. Energy Facts – Energy Explained, Your Guide To Understanding Energy – Energy Information Administration. U.S. Energy Information Association, 3 June 2016. 


This article gave me a variety of general information on the topics of renewable resources and fossil fuels. I was able to use the information form this article to compare the pros and cons between fossil fuels and renewable resources. This article explained that fossil fuels are a nonrenewable resource that draw on fine nite resources that will eventually be depleted. Renewable energy is gathered through ways that do not cause any negative side effects to the planet. This article was used throughout my essay and really gave me the basic information I needed to form an opinion on my topic. Although this article was fairly basic it was a good starting point to my research.  


Connors, S. (1998). Issues in Energy and Sustainable Development.

This article had a variety of information, but I only used some select parts. One part of this article that I used in my writing was why we as humans should make the switch from fossil fuels to renewable resources. One of the reasons that we (humans) need to switch from primarily fossil fuels to renewables is because fossil fuels will eventually run out, scientists predict this will occur within the next 50 – 120 years. Connors also talked about how expensive the cost will be to switch from fossil fuels to renewables but he also talked about after we (humans) switch, energy will be cheaper, safer and more reliable.


For my first essay topic I will be comparing fossil fuels to renewable resources. The first article I used for research  (The Age of Wind and Solar Is Closer Than You Think) talked a lot about the transition that will eventually occur from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy. The second article I used in my research (Energy Future Today) discussed the side affects of the use of fossil fuels for energy.

The age of wind and solar is closer than you think was an article written by Michal T Klare and in this article he discusses the fact that there is a depleting amount of fossil fuels on the planet and eventually we will run out! He also talks a lot about the different predictions that scientists have made from when the fossil fuels will run out, they ranged from 50 – 120 years from now. Klare believes that it isn’t even possible to make a prediction because he claims that there isn’t enough information about the topic. Even though this article was opinionated I was able to pull out some helpful facts.

Future Energy Today was the second article I used in my research and this article was written by Eric McLamb from the Ecology Global Network. He discusses the many different topics within his article; the part about haw harmful fossil fuels are to the planet was the most interesting to me. McLamb stated that fossil fuels are the biggest contributor to global warming. I found this article fascinating and helpful in my research.

Renewable Energy vs. the alternative

The topic that I have chose to research and write about in comp is why renewable energy is better than the alternative, and the alternative being nuclear power, fossil fuels and biomass. In a short statement… renewable resources are better than the alternative because they harness energy in ways that do not harm the planet, and ALL of the alternative methods of harnessing energy have negative effects on our planet.

I chose to pursue this topic because I did not know to much about renewable energy until I started researching. Renewable energy is interesting to me because it is the future of how we as the human race, will gather energy. Many scientist predict that there will be no more fossil fuels left in the next 50 to 100 years in the future and when I read that fact, it was an eye opener because that very well could be in my lifetime.