Semester Recap



My topic: The topic I wrote about this semester was why cannabis should have a better perspective and become an option for those in need of the substance. Talking about the reclassification of the substance and some of the sensitive reasons why it could be good for the United States of America to legalize cannabis either recreationally or medically.

My Essays: In my first essay I wrote this semester which was a evaluative essay titled A Stance on Cannabis, I wrote about how the cannabis industry was being effected for reasons like federal prohibition making it hard to conduct studies nationwide, federal prohibition causing the industry not to bloom, and it being better substitute to other substances. During this writing process what inspired me to write this paper was that there are many people who don’t want to take prescription drugs but have too, which are the highest costing medication on the market today. These people are presented no other option and what I talked about in this essay was why cannabis isn’t progressing in our nation. Even tho it should be seen as a cure or a way to produce income in our economy. In my second essay I wrote this semester which was a rebuttal essay, I touched on the topics of Cannabis never causing a death, nor showing any sign of being more addictive than substances already on the market today, while also having many practical uses in society to help the environment and provide much-needed medical assistance for an individual’s needs. Basically in this essay I rebutted some of the cons cannabis has by obtaining a lot of valuable sources and using them to contradict arguments against cannabis. In my third and last essay I produced a proposal essay called Reclassified, covering the reasons why cannabis is improperly classified and should be put in a lower class so we as society can use this multipurpose substance. Since this was the last essay of the year I basically recapped what I said in the other essays and used them to support my idea of reclassifying cannabis. We can take such advantage of this substance as a community and I feel as our society learns more about it, we will allow it into society.

My Research Methods: Throughout a full semester of research, I had hardly any complications finding articles about cannabis due to recent states joining to movement and research that proves that there are a lot of positive in the states that have either legalized it medically or recreationally in their state. Whenever I would look up an article online, I would read the whole article before writing so I knew what I wanted to take from the article or if I could use it and manipulate the quotes so that it could give my essay some life. I wouldn’t really look up article every single day but whenever I would get down to work was really when I would analyze things, as well as just reading article on social media or even seeing videos about how cannabis is useful in society. Being swayed by the information I was getting and seeing my friend Matt suffer from Chron’s really impacted what I was going to write about, including the research I was looking up and quoting. I went to websites like because all their new are about what is going on in the Cannabis community but really I would google something and results would show up. During this semester, I had gone home a lot which allowed me to talk to my good friend Matt Lambert. I just knew he wasn’t the same as before because he was slower when it came to sports and would have a lot of stomach aches while hanging out. I kept coming back and forth to Princeton and kept asking him what he was doing to help his disease. In December, his family finally decided to visit Colorado and California to find alterative medicine that would be healthier to consume. This whole thing that happened to my good friend Matt really effected the way I wrote this semester because I couldn’t help and see someone I cared about suffer. I know he need this whole transition to happen so he can live a normal life and I bet he isn’t the only one feeling this way.


Finals Details/Observation:While writing about Cannabis this semester I have learned various amounts of information that I will sustain through my campaign to legalize cannabis in our nation. I have learned things like cannabis is a better solution to our illness than prescription drugs because of the consequences of consuming the substance. We have to understand that we still have a lot to learn about this substance because we haven’t been able to analyze and come up with concrete research that has data for our whole nation about the short and long-term effects on our health and habits. As we start to learn more about this substance, we will more incline to allow it into our society because of all the positive attributes that it could affect like the economy, medical practices and ways we can imply it to our nation as a whole. I have defiantly gained a new perspective on this topic  while writing about cannabis this year and I now have evidence and data to back up my ideas about it. I don’t think my perspective ever changed but I gained more information about my perspective and more arguments to use for the reclassification of the substance. I think Cannabis should be introduced in our society so that we can reap its economic benefits, let other gain easier access to medical practices they want but this all can’t be done until cannabis can be considered on the federal level, meaning we have to lift its schedule on substance classification. I hope in the future we see cannabis in our society, tying up the big divide our country has at the moment.

Thank you so much this semester Professor Maxwell 🙂


Blog Post #8 Idea for Essay

For this essay I am writing a policy proposal because I will try to challenge the classification of cannabis being a schedule one substance. My reasons to challenge this classification is that it would reclassify cannabis away from other highly addictive drugs. This would allow us to conduct a well-rounded research, let those who need it medically easier access and let our nation reap the benefits it could bring from our economy. These are topics I have talked about during the semester and now will like to bring them all together for a final essay so that the options of those who want to keep cannabis a schedule one drug are changed.

Looking at some of the examples provided to us by Professor Maxwell I have composed a paragraphs that describes the problem the we have at the moment that leads to another paragraph that talks about the solution and what these solutions could solve. The link I provided above is a link that talks about what cannabis is classified at the moment, the drugs its classified with and reasons why it should be up for reconsideration. In one of my paragraphs I include a quote from my friends who has chons disease creating a personal connection. These are my ideas for essay #3.


Visual Argument: THE REAL COST

IMG_0380 (2)

As part of writing theme this semester, I focused on cannabis, partially the reconsideration of it being a scedule one drug. The inspiration to write about this theme came from the observation of seeing one of my long time friends, Matt, deal with his crohn’s disease. Matt at first took medicine called biologics, which can be pretty effective in the short term but also is very harmful to the body in the long run, leading to things such as higher rate of lymphoma. But in his quest to find alternative medicines, he started to use cannabis, specially cbd oil, which is obviously natural and does not contain any harmful effects that would negatively affect his health over time. Yes it’s a schedule one drug, but Matt’s parents had to break norms and go to Colorado to obtain a cure not as harmful as prescription drugs.

Creating this visual argument, has let me to discuss the negative effects of cannabis consideration as a scedule one drug. According to the FBI, “650,000 people were arrested for marijuana law violations in 2015” which is almost half of all total drug arrests in The United States (Drug War Statistics). Arresting people leads to government spending on these criminals who about 89% of them were simply arrested for possession, not distributing or growing. Spending about 3 billion each year on keeping them in prison, meals per day, and taking space from others who have committed harsher/violent crimes. Even though officers are just doing jobs and enforcing our laws, the nation needs to see how devastating making cannabis a schedule one drug is to our nation. A herbal remedy that could progress our economy, at the moment is causing the government valuable cash which could be used certain things like education or rehabs. States like Colorado have seen drastic changes in the number of inmates they house in their penitentes because of their full legalization in their state. Showing us that a problem so big could be ended by ending the federal prohibition on cannabis.

In the picture I drew, I have a cop throwing in prison those who just had gotten arrested for marijuana violations. The cop on his chest protector has the words “War On Drugs” written on him to represent why in the first place cannabis got its schedule one classification. Since marijuana arrest are about half of the total drug arrest in the country, I made the police officer’s hand larger to show how impactful by the number these arrest are. To finalize the drawing I put a price tag on the prison to show how much it costs to process those in violation of the law due to cannabis.


At this point I have fully written my final draft for my rebuttal essay. For my topic I wanted to have a good amount of information so that my essay that would impact the reader like seeing sources from credible writers from New York times and the Washington post. So for having a sensitive subject, I really like the information and how I came to interpret it. At first I realized that all the information I had been too much to put in so I had to identify the important information from the miscellaneous. This was an easy assignment for my because there are a lot of arguments against my topic. So what I didn’t like about this assigment was that I had to choose what to tackle and what were the biggest arguments against it. My writing process was make an outline and the narrow what I wanted to talk about in my final draft. Using hemp in this essay was a big portion of my essay only because I feel like no one realises this hidden property that cannabis plant had.

Having others read my essay and give me their feedback was very useful because it helped me fix the little minor details with punctuation or grammar really helped. This made it easier to organize my essay and as well figure out what I needed to take out to make this essay no too wordy. It helped me realized that too much information could distract the reader from what you are really trying to prove.


So recently I’ve been writing about cannabis and why it should be reconsidered from its recent status of federal prohibition. For my second essay I am thinking that I should write how it has effected society in the states that have voted it to be for medical or recreational use. It would be interesting to investigate how society has been effected and if it really has created an atmosphere where it is gonna be abused more because of how attainable it is. The generation I grew up in was very aware of the problem smoking cigarettes because society found out how dangerous it really was to our health. So would the legalization of marijuana across the nation have an effect among teens and minors? “In fact, legalization has had the exact opposite effect – due to education and regulations restricting use to adults, the percentage of teenagers in Colorado who admit to using cannabis has been steadily dropping from 22% to 20% between 2011 and 2013, and remains below  the national average at 23.4%.” This leads me to believe that the regulation put into place are working just like those on alcohol and tobacco.

As I further get into my essay, society has been greatly impacted  by how many jobs it has created overtime. I really want to get into this because the economy could be greatly impacted. As well as people who need jobs making our nations unemployment rate lower. I would like to get further into my research with this and show that cannabis could really bring in money for this nation. Hopefully this can be done soon because rumors have it that Canada could take this market away from us if federal prohibition doesn’t change soon.

Annotated Bibliography

Slater, Anthony. “Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Strengthens Stance Advocating Medical Marijuana over Painkillers.” The Mercury News. The Mercury News, 04 Dec. 2016. Web. 01 Mar. 2017.

In this article, an argument is made for why cannabis are more effective than prescription pills. In this article we learn why Steve Kerr,head coach of the Warriors Basketball Organization, took medical marijuana for his back and uses his research too back up to the argument that stated above. Steve Kerr had taken prescription pills for his back but wanted to try other methods to see if it would help. After consulting and taking advice from friends he decided to try medical marijuana. This went big on social media and Kerr stated that if he taken any other perception medicine it wouldn’t have made the headlines. But this gave him passage to talk about  what he discovered. He found out that cannabis wasn’t as bad as people made it to be and didn’t have as harsh of side effects as prescription pills. Advocating that athletes should be allowed to take medical marijuana as a source of relief. Understanding that it is a perception issue, Kerr knows it doesn’t look possible today but in future the stance on marijuana will be different and he thinks we will get smarter over time on the topic that will be able to consider as an option. I am using this source to show an opinion of a coach on the argument that medical marijuana is better than prescription pills. Someone like Steve Kerr who has been around amazing professional athletes knows what would be better for them giving us a point of view from the inside a professional career.

Jaeger, Kyle. “Marijuana Could Literally Replace These 5 Prescription Drugs.” ATTN:. Kyle Jaeger, 12 Oct. 2015. Web. 06 Mar. 2017

This article gave me a general overview of what types of perception pills medical marijuana could replace if it were to become legalize. This website was the article that really made me see the impact that medical marijuana could have on society. It would basically replace most of the pills. This is because marijuana can come many different strains that will have different effects on your mind and body. There are two main categories sativa and indicas and in those categories there are strains that will help combat what viocodin(painkillers), xanax(anxiety), adderal(stimulant), ambien(sleep aids), and zoloft(depression) do. Just one plant could replace all these percription pills. I feel like that’s where everyone misses the big picture and that’s why in my essay I use this to talk about how effective medical marijuana could be if it could pass federal prohibition.

An annotated bibliography is a list of  references that  rundown a sources that somebody uses in their works. They are essential with regards to doing research and referring to your sources. They are utilized to allow someone to look at their source and see if there are reliable for their research paper which is fundamental step. They permit you and other researchers  to effectively observe what each source is and how you utilized it in your composition. They make it less demanding for different researchers to discover sources since they give rundown of each source and how it can be utilized inside research. Basically having it organized for them already so that it is easier to access when someone is trying to future pursue the subject.


Cannabis Synthesis

As my research progressed, I stumbled upon an article by Ricardo Baca, a member of the Cannabist Staff. Giving us information about legalization around the country saying that “2016 will always be remembered as the year cannabis broke wide open.” Meaning that eight of the nine states that were voting for marijuana measures on their ballots voted to legalize it (four on the retail side and four on medical side). But officially 2012 is when cannabis prohibition officially ended when Colorado and Washington voted to legalize it and regulate it recreationally being the first to write and  implement their marijuana regulations. Those who took advantage of this are selling billions of dollars that are heavily taxed and returned to community and not the black market. But what Ricardo is trying to argue is that we still have a lot of research that we don’t know about cannabis and its relationship with our bodies and minds. Other recreational substances like tobacco and alcohol have gone through top-level public research, for many years,studies that dissect the habits of tens of thousands of Americans, giving an accurate, big picture to focus on. But because federal prohibition none of this research has been conducted on cannabis, making us unaware of what really cannabis can do for us.

After the media found out Steve Kerr (head coach of the Warriors) had used cannabis, it was all over the internet and everyone wanted to know his stance on it. Steve had tried cannabis a couple of times over past 18 months because he was looking for a solution for his back pain. Not being a reasonable solution for him he stopped consuming it but within his research he found out that medicinal marijuana was far less dangerous than prescribed pain killers for athletes. Pointing out the misrepresentation by saying “I don’t think it’s a big deal, But I do find it ironic that if I said I used Oxycontin for relief for my back pain, it would not have been a headline” Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Percocet are some common pain killers giving to athletes which are addicting, can cause long-term health problems and have side effects like suicidal thoughts or possible death. As a former NBA player and now coach he understand that it’s a perception issue around the country because professional teams are business, so having the costumer think that your team is a bunch of pot heads would hurt the franchise. But over time Steve believes that medicinal marijuana will be allowed in sports leagues due to the fact that education will overwhelm the perception people have at the moment. It’s obvious that by generation we are getting wiser and learning more about medicinal marijuana as a country, giving us more flexibility on the topic.

Both these articles, show the potential of recreational and medical marijuana in our country today. Since 2012 we have made a lot of progress, changing the minds of many people and how cannabis is viewed at this present time. There is still a lot of research that needs to be done but it is obvious that this could change our country in many different ways. Keeping an open mind about this topic is necessary because it is growing issue and could possibly replace prescription pills which would impact the whole country. For certain is up to the voters in the states to come up with a decision on cannabis but understand that the perception of it is changing and as a community we need to know our facts.

The reality of Marijuana today

Our perception on marijuana has changed over time, while recent generations have been able to conduct studies on it. Gathered data has shown that people are increasingly substituting prescription medication, alcohol, and illicit drugs with cannabis. Thus singling a shift in the publics understanding of marijuana’s medical benefits. That being said, cannabis was looked down upon since the 1930’s by U.S Federal Bureau of Narcotics. Mentioning marijuana as “powerful, addicting, substance that would lead users into narcotics addiction.”  Then in 1971 when President Nixon declares “The War on Drugs” which made restrictions even tighter. Marijuana becomes a schedule 1 drug because the Government says it has a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical uses. I feel like the perception between our parents generation and our generation on this topic is different because of the way society viewed it at the time we both were being raised. By researching this topic, I want to change the views those have about cannabis, especially since it’s a popular topic with laws and opinions changing around the country.

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