End of the Year Recap about Paying College Student-Athletes

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My Topic:  My topic for the semester was simply, whether or not the NCAA should be paying college student-athletes

My Essays:  My first essay was a definition/evaluation argument in which I explained not only the college sport industry but, as well as define the intense regimen that a college student-athlete must go through on a near daily basis. in my second essay, was an attempt at an Rebuttal argument in which I’ve listed numerous reasons as why college students should not be paid and attempt to find the fault in their reasons. lastly in my final paper, I wrote a proposal paper in which I believe I was able to find an alternative to paying college student athletes.

My Research Methods:  my research really came down to primarily my own knowledge of the topic with continuous research being the secondary. for the first paper however I found myself researching and looking for new information early on. When researching I usually found myself looking mainly for statistical facts that could aid me in writing my paper.

Sources:  here’s a few sources from my paper that helped me in writing my papers

Final Details/Observation:  After this semester of Comp and writing these papers, along with all the other work assigned in the class I’ve learned about my topic that being a student-athlete isn’t all glory and fame. its over fantasized due to the media but, when actuality  college student-athletes deal with a lot and sacrifice a lot in order to play the sport that they love. After diving deeper into the topic I gained a new perspective in that I’ll always respect someone who is attempting a sport and adding that hard work to their life. hopefully in the near future the NCAA will find a way to start paying student athletes because that’s truly what they deserve.

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