End of the Year Recap




My Topic- My topic focuses on nutrition and the role it plays in our children’s lives.

My Essays- My first essay, an evaluative argument, talks about how our schools play an important role in our children’s health and the many reasons we should support nutritional meals and programs. My second essay, a causal argument essay, speaks about the consequences of skipping breakfast and the lifelong issues people face when not eating healthy. My last proposal will focus on why there is so much obesity in the United States and how nutritional programs in school and at home can help reduce those rates. My father Plinio González was my inspiration during these writing processes.

My Research Methods- My research process was different every day. Some days, I would ask my mom or brother to recall some memories or details about my father because I couldn’t remember. Often, ] I browsed the Center for Diseases and Control prevention website to educate myself enough of the different diseases and statistics so I can have a general sense of how serious the problem really is. Some websites I read daily in my own spare time that I was also able to apply to the essays were mindbodygreen.com, livingstrong.com, and chopra.com.

Sources- https://www.livestrong.com/article/339349-why-did-obesity-increase-so-much-in-america/


Final Details/ Observation- Throughout my writing, I knew that schools were the basis for providing our students the best education, but I never realized how their environment is incredibly important to what they would consume. Most children spend more than half their days in school, and whatever we are teaching or feeding them will either mold or break them. We have to be more responsible for what our children eat at home and at school. I’ve also been aware that not many families have the resources to provide the basic necessities for their children thus making it harder to provide them the nutritional necessities. In the future, I hope to see nutrition and health classes as a yearly requirement for every student. Not only do schools need nutritional classes, but children also need to learn how to grow their own vegetables and fruits so they can get excited to nourish their bodies.

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