Semester Recap



My topic: The topic I wrote about this semester was why cannabis should have a better perspective and become an option for those in need of the substance. Talking about the reclassification of the substance and some of the sensitive reasons why it could be good for the United States of America to legalize cannabis either recreationally or medically.

My Essays: In my first essay I wrote this semester which was a evaluative essay titled A Stance on Cannabis, I wrote about how the cannabis industry was being effected for reasons like federal prohibition making it hard to conduct studies nationwide, federal prohibition causing the industry not to bloom, and it being better substitute to other substances. During this writing process what inspired me to write this paper was that there are many people who don’t want to take prescription drugs but have too, which are the highest costing medication on the market today. These people are presented no other option and what I talked about in this essay was why cannabis isn’t progressing in our nation. Even tho it should be seen as a cure or a way to produce income in our economy. In my second essay I wrote this semester which was a rebuttal essay, I touched on the topics of Cannabis never causing a death, nor showing any sign of being more addictive than substances already on the market today, while also having many practical uses in society to help the environment and provide much-needed medical assistance for an individual’s needs. Basically in this essay I rebutted some of the cons cannabis has by obtaining a lot of valuable sources and using them to contradict arguments against cannabis. In my third and last essay I produced a proposal essay called Reclassified, covering the reasons why cannabis is improperly classified and should be put in a lower class so we as society can use this multipurpose substance. Since this was the last essay of the year I basically recapped what I said in the other essays and used them to support my idea of reclassifying cannabis. We can take such advantage of this substance as a community and I feel as our society learns more about it, we will allow it into society.

My Research Methods: Throughout a full semester of research, I had hardly any complications finding articles about cannabis due to recent states joining to movement and research that proves that there are a lot of positive in the states that have either legalized it medically or recreationally in their state. Whenever I would look up an article online, I would read the whole article before writing so I knew what I wanted to take from the article or if I could use it and manipulate the quotes so that it could give my essay some life. I wouldn’t really look up article every single day but whenever I would get down to work was really when I would analyze things, as well as just reading article on social media or even seeing videos about how cannabis is useful in society. Being swayed by the information I was getting and seeing my friend Matt suffer from Chron’s really impacted what I was going to write about, including the research I was looking up and quoting. I went to websites like because all their new are about what is going on in the Cannabis community but really I would google something and results would show up. During this semester, I had gone home a lot which allowed me to talk to my good friend Matt Lambert. I just knew he wasn’t the same as before because he was slower when it came to sports and would have a lot of stomach aches while hanging out. I kept coming back and forth to Princeton and kept asking him what he was doing to help his disease. In December, his family finally decided to visit Colorado and California to find alterative medicine that would be healthier to consume. This whole thing that happened to my good friend Matt really effected the way I wrote this semester because I couldn’t help and see someone I cared about suffer. I know he need this whole transition to happen so he can live a normal life and I bet he isn’t the only one feeling this way.


Finals Details/Observation:While writing about Cannabis this semester I have learned various amounts of information that I will sustain through my campaign to legalize cannabis in our nation. I have learned things like cannabis is a better solution to our illness than prescription drugs because of the consequences of consuming the substance. We have to understand that we still have a lot to learn about this substance because we haven’t been able to analyze and come up with concrete research that has data for our whole nation about the short and long-term effects on our health and habits. As we start to learn more about this substance, we will more incline to allow it into our society because of all the positive attributes that it could affect like the economy, medical practices and ways we can imply it to our nation as a whole. I have defiantly gained a new perspective on this topic  while writing about cannabis this year and I now have evidence and data to back up my ideas about it. I don’t think my perspective ever changed but I gained more information about my perspective and more arguments to use for the reclassification of the substance. I think Cannabis should be introduced in our society so that we can reap its economic benefits, let other gain easier access to medical practices they want but this all can’t be done until cannabis can be considered on the federal level, meaning we have to lift its schedule on substance classification. I hope in the future we see cannabis in our society, tying up the big divide our country has at the moment.

Thank you so much this semester Professor Maxwell 🙂

5 thoughts on “Semester Recap

  1. schimbeno22 May 2, 2017 / 6:53 pm

    Cannabis should be legalized across the entire country. It is less harmful than alcohol. It would be government regulated so you know what is going out. The government would make a lot of revenue off of the drugs too.


  2. minettit4 May 3, 2017 / 5:15 pm

    I personally am a huge advocate for medical marijuana. It has many positives considering that studies have shown it helps tremendously with cancer patients and epilepsy. It should be legalized across the country for at least medical use.


  3. MikeCichetti May 3, 2017 / 7:44 pm

    Hey man nice topic. It is about time that marijuana is legalized because of all the beneficial effects that will come along. It does not make sense to keep paying all the money we do as a country to enforce laws and arrest people for small amounts of marijuana.


  4. ElliotE33 May 7, 2017 / 9:29 pm

    Oh man… it’s interesting reading this because I actually have Crohn’s disease, but I also have terrible anxiety, which makes pot a pretty strong “no” for me haha…

    IF I tired it, I’m sure the situation would’ve ended with me hiding from the police (who weren’t actually there) underneath a glass table in my living room, while my friends all laugh it up like a bunch of hyenas… jerks.

    This whole situation is entirely hypothetical btw… kinda like OJ Simpson’s book. Just wanted to clear that up.

    ANYWAY… in terms of the angle that was covered here, I also have the belief that there should be some reforms regarding marijuana in this country. When we’re 20 trillion dollars in debt, it makes no sense to spend valuable resources going after random people with dime bags. Legalize it, and tax it… that’ll help the government make some money, and it’ll put a lot of dealers out of business.

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  5. kalea9 May 9, 2017 / 9:51 pm

    I have never tried marijuana, but I agree that it should be legalized. Beyond only helping people medically, it is not so entirely bad. It should be legalized recreationally as well with some restriction. Too many people are going to jail for selling and doing this “drug”, and it is not fair anymore!


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