blog post 8- zanib ahmad

For the third essay i plan on doing a policy proposal essay since my topic affects not only the United Sates but essentially the world as a whole. My topic deals with how messed up the immigration policy is in the U.S and also on the executive order banning immigration . I am hoping the the U.S can come up with a new policy that allows a certain amount of immigrants in every year. Americans visit different countries every day for vacation or honeymoons, so it’s a bit hypocritical to ban people from coming to the United States. You want to visit a country because you want an exotic place to visit for your honeymoon, Syrians are trying to escape bombs, but yet you can get your wish pretty easily.  I hope to find different sources that urge the president to let in immigrants especially from war torn Syria. i also hope to find articles that separate immigrants from their religion.

One thought on “blog post 8- zanib ahmad

  1. llazo77 May 3, 2017 / 6:36 pm

    I hope you wrote about this certain problem on your topic. My family is from Mexico and I would like for them to visit once in a while. I feel like the United States is being to harsh on immigrants and should try to come up with a better plan so that we can see our families on our motherland. We as a society should start to find ways to get this done.


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