Blog post #5

For the second essay I have decided to do a rebuttal argument.  I can’t do a casual essay because the first essay I wrote was more laid back and just had facts rather than a hard thesis. I also can’t do an ethical essay because this thesis is heavily opinionated and my right is someone else wrong and vise versa. I plan on going in depth with my thesis from the first essay, which was how immigrants are good for the United States. I looked up articles that support my thesis and also those that oppose it. I went into detail by reading the articles against my thesis very carefully.

I plan on finding a list of reasons as to why people might be against allowing more immigrants to enter the United States and arguing against them one by one. I would like to have around 3 different reasons as to why this is an issue and have three different paragraphs for each. i found a source from 2014 that goes against my thesis but am trying to find articles that are fairly new.

Foster, Howard W., Jacob Heilbrunn, Dov S. Zakheim, and Charles V. Peña. “Why More Immigration Is Bad for America.” The National Interest. The Center for the National Interest, n.d. Web. 22 Mar. 2017.

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