Annotated Bibliography

Zanib Ahmad

Blog post #3


Bier, David. “Five Reasons Refugees Are Good for U.S. Security.” The Huffington Post., 23 Mar. 2016. Web. 12 Mar. 2017

In the Huffington Post, titled “Five reasons refugees are good for U.S. Security”, David Bier gives valid reasons as to why the United States should be more accepting to receiving refugees and immigrants. His opinion stands on more of the humanity side of this battle, as he believes those fleeing a terror zone should have a safe landing zone. He talks about how refugees are just as anti ISIS as the rest of the united states, they had no choice but to leave. Rejecting refugees keeps them in the danger zones where ISIS is in control and uses them for financial reasons and labor. Isis also puts wrongs ideas into Muslims especially childrens heads, accepting them would get rid of these false beliefs. Refugees know the territory well and know of leaders and other crucial information, Bier believes they are assets not threats.

Friedman, Uri. “Where America’s Terrorists Actually Come From.” The Atlantic. Atlantic Media Company, 30 Jan. 2017. Web. 12 Mar. 2017.

Where Americas Terrorists Really Come From”, is an article by Uri Friedman that talks statistics on the refugee crisis. The Muslim ban targets seven Muslim countries because many people believe them to be threats but Friedmans article shows that many of the Countries on the list did not actually contribute to terrorism in the U.S. National born citizens of the seven countries have contributed 0% to the terrorism in the united states between 1975 to 2015. He goes on to state that three Americans have been killed by refugees in those years, all by Cuban refugees which isn’t listen on the Immigration executive order. This article includes many sources from Alex Norwasteh, including a chart that shows terror attacks committed by different countries. He ends it by stating that if Trumps ban and Americas views stay the same, the new executive order will save 0 lives, and stop minimal terror attacks.


Annotated bibliographies are important I believe because one , it keeps all my information organized. Some days I cannot remember which author wrote what and can only remember their name, and since the bibliography is in alphabetical order it makes it easy to find. Writing annotate bibliographies also makes me read everything more thoroughly so I have an easier time summarizing it. This also helps to make sure I give credit to the write owner and do not plagiarize. Another good thing that comes from this is better research skills.

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