MAIC – Spring 2018



Welcome back to Modern Argument in Composition, a college-level academic writing and research blog. This is our third year on WordPress, and once again, 22 first-year writing students from Rowan University, located in Glassboro NJ, are using the skills learned in College Composition I to write argumentative essays about the individual topic of their choice. They will be integrating argumentative theory with stasis theory in defining what is important about their topics and what it means to search for valuable, credible electronic sources.

Students will document their research progress on this blog, creating PowerPoint visual slideshows, pre-writing academic essays, creating original annotated bibliographies and visual arguments. You will see multitude of writing genres being introduced in one setting, all with a specific and important purpose on the different ways to communicate in this day and age. All of this work will culminate with a final portfolio consisting of the patches of work you see here. You may not be privy to the portfolios (for instructor eyes only!), but you can appreciate the work that is posted on here. Wherever you are from, please feel free to comment, encourage, suggest and discuss. Our blog is open for the public.

I am an adjunct professor at Rowan University, one that has taught both CCI and CCII, and I have taught Comp, English/Literature at other local colleges including Rowan College of Burlington County, so I am happy to say I have a pulse on the world and word of first-year writers.

Professor Christina Maxwell


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